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My Lovely Ink Rubbing

Hi fellow piercing freaks :) I will give a brief story of how I created my homemade tattoo/cutting that became an ink rubbing. I have always wanted a tattoo, but due to my age was unable to get one (although my dad promised me one because he didn't think I was serious). I drew a design that was special to me, a portrait of my black cat, Skrony and a little cat eye beside it. I planned on saving it to get as a tattoo when I turned 18(along with the tongue ring I've always wanted). But then I thought, why not do it myself? I attempted to tattoo it on my leg with a needle and pen ink(because even though pen isn't good for you, I've heard that India Ink spreads), even though my cat is black I decided just to do the outline for lack of ink, the amount of pain, and time(you know dip the needle stab yourself, repeat a million times) but with unsuccessful results(the ink faded away quickly). It looked so neat that I got the idea to scar it on my leg right by the scar I got from a cat bite when I was little( I even have a cat eye barbell in my navel, can you tell I like cats?:) So I drew the design on with a pen and got a safety pin and started scratching the design. It took quite a while to get it right and keep all the details on the design, it started bleeding so I waited until it stopped. I had to go over it several times (over the next few days) to make it deep enough. It became something to do when I was bored, I even worked on it some in school when I had free time(sitting in the back quietly no one ever noticed). It never really hurt. The scar started to fade over a few weeks, so I got the idea to add ink to it. So one night sitting in my room, I cut it again and took the ink from a pen and rubbed it on the design. This stung alot, but it felt good because it was an accomplishment and hopefully permanent. I washed it off and this time the ink actually stayed. The next day I decided to try to add yellow ink to the cat eye. I took a needle and put the yellow under my skin. It looked really spiffy. But when I took a shower to wash off the extra ink, the yellow turned red. I don't know why but it did (it may be because it was a coloring magic-type marker), and it's been red ever since. But oh well. Over all it turned out pretty good and I'm proud of it. But the eyes on the cat didn't turn out like in the design (I didn't have room to add the pupils). Now that it's healed the ink faded quite a bit, but it looks like it'll stay like it is. I'll be really sad if it fades away completely. (I'm still holding my breath every time I take a shower because I'm afraid it will wash off) If it does I will just wait and get it tattooed professionally over the scar. It looks like I drew it on and everybody thinks that until they feel it and see that it's raised. My friend (well ex-boyfriend) thinks I'm crazy. He says that I'm going to kill myself by accident or ink poisoning or something, and he gets mad everytime I show it to him.(he says I shouldn't "mutilate myself" although he has a lip ring and tattoo). So I guess I'm a certified freak now. But at least my best friend thinks it's cool (because she does the same sort of thing). My parents wouldn't like it if they saw it either. But I don't care and I'm working on another design now. If anyone is interested in seeing it ,email me(I sent a picture in to BME too). This was my most recent body decoration (and first tattoo type thing)of the 9 extra holes I have. I just have to remember I can't wear shorts when my parents are around. Every time I look at it I get a sense of accomplishment because It's one of the few things that is permanent I have right now, so it's kinda symbolic. I also have sent in a story about my bellybutton experience (my ears are really too minor to write much about) I thought this was the end of my story, but it's not :) Well, I was upset because my mom is in the hospital and I was thinking of doing something to take my mind off of it. I was listening a Cold and I decided I would make another ink rubbing. I chose a small star on my hand just like Scooter Ward's (the lead singer from Cold). I drew it on and repeated the same process as with my cat. It looks pretty good so far. That's all for now, but I can't wait until I turn 18, why have skin if you can't do something with it?


submitted by: i3lackcatMau
on: 22 Oct. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+house
Location: AL

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