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Being 15 years old is reason enough why my parents said no to a tattoo, or a maybe it's because I'm already such a pierced fucko and I've practically been disowned by my family...nopers, can't be. So I decided to do a scarification myself. It was really quite simple, it had to be, right? I mean pick a design, draw it on desired place on your body, find good friend who's not high, and get them to carve it into your flesh. Beautiful. But wait a moment... I HAVE NO FRIENDS! OK, so I'm kind of weird about letting people come at me with a knife... who isn't? SO, I figured the only person who I could even let know about this, let alone scar me, the only person I would openly expose my pasty white skin to, to make bleed and pus, is.... ME. I'm not as useless as I look, or sound for you guys out there, so I know I could do this all good and fine. But still, I decided to practice first. I folded a piece of paper in half and drew on half a heart and cut it out so I had a perfectly symmetrical heart stencil thinger. I put the stencil on my lower hip (OK, OK, it was basically on the side of my ass) and traced on the heart to my skin. Taking out my trusty Swiss army knife I ran it lightly over my skin, tracing the heart, deciding how I was gonna do the curves in the symbol. I started cutting at the bottom of the heart. I turned the knife so it was at a complete 90-degree angle to my body and pressed down. I drew the knife slowly up the line at the bottom of the heart and stopped just before the curve. Repeat steps 1-3 on other side. Now I did tiny little cuts all along the bumps in the heart at the top. It was so bloody it looked perfect but when I cleaned off my lifejuice I could see it needed work. I cut it in again and again. Then the next day I peeled off the scab and did it again. Ditto the next day. (SHIT, I'm just reading this and no wonder I have no friends, that is fucking disgusting!) It's been about five months and I still have a perfect heart shaped scar. It's a shade of brown that looks just like the color of freckles and it's not really scar looking, which is nice. I think part of the reason it scarred so nicely was I did it so evenly on my self. So I'd practiced. A few months after that I decided to do a good one. I drew a design on a piece of stiff paper, and then cut it out, making another stencil. It's about 15 cm long and 5 cm high. It's a complicated pattern of twisting tribal-looking spiky things (great description, just believe me, it's really cool). I went downstairs in my house and turned on the TV. I sat there and watched some Friends then got the uncontrollable urge to make myself bleed! (Just kidding – I would never watch Friends.) I pulled my pants down to my knees (yes, yes, underwear too) and traced the design onto my skin, right below my hipbone and right above the top of my leg. Then I flipped the design over and did it on the other side of my torso so I was gonna be symmetrical. I touched up the drawings a bit and then I took out my knife.... I cut really slowly, stopping once and a while to pee, wipe the blood away, change the channel, or sharpen my knife. It took about four hours to finish just the left side. I figured I'd let it heal and then cut it again, see how that worked and then do the other side. The next day it was quite sore and red. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol but I didn't want put any pain killer cream shit on it because the only stuff we had "reduced scarring". The cutting is in such a place that whenever I was walking or sitting, my pants were rubbing against. I went through some pain for the next few days. A week later I re-cut it and so far that's all I've done to it and it looks great! I have yet to totally complete the right side of it but when I do I'm sure it'll look awesome. The only problem is, this is in a place that nobody but me is seeing right now! Oh, well, I like it and the only thing I recommend to people out there planning to do it to themselves: call me, I want do it. Please e-mail me about what a loser I am at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Oct. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: K
Studio: basement+of+my+house
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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