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i decided that a star on my stomach was simply not enough

so, like the title says, one day i came to the realization that the star pierced on my stomach was simply not enough... okay, okay, so this isn't exactly how it happened...it was really just one day when my beautiful girlfriend lee marie wanted to go to the shop and get her tongue pierced. simple enough, i thought... so we show up and there's not much going on, and lee discusses pros and cons of tongue piercing in the military with jason for a bit, and eventually decided against it...(even though i can't say that nick himself wasn't to blame for that decision)anyway, i had been simply considering a small scarring project since nick mentioned it to me at the beginning of the summer, but had only recently begun to seriously think about it...i inquired about the stars that jason had scarred on his hands, and from there nick drew up a design of three stars; one large one and two smaller ones above and to the sides of the larger one...for the small of my back...he actually thought it would have been cooler at the base of my neck, but alas, i am saving my upper back for wings, even though "a thousand people have done that before". whatever, i am not them. so i have all of the time it takes jason to draw it up to prepare myself, since up until this point the only cutting that i had had done was the teeny tiny little incisions used to do my implants, not a big deal... finally i get all ready and lay down. comfort pillow all ready, feet hooked around the base of the chair...ready. yeah, well, now i think i understand when i have been told that the small of the back is a particularily painful area to get tattoos done on...i would also like to add THAT THIS IS NOT A TATTOO. try applying a scalpel directly to your back...or no, don't try it, it is simply the most pain i have ever felt...and you don't even know me yet... i feel real bad because nick had to deal with a lot of twitching, jumping, clenching and well, no, i didn't scream, but i could have...the weirdest thing was not the fact that lee was coaching me along like she was doing a play by play or i was a little league baseball team...the weirdest thing is that at any point i couldn't tell where he was on my back or how much he had cut, the pain perception was all outta whack, i dunno. anyway, after about probably twenty minutes of cutting he was done and we got some real nice bloody pictures, and my back was burning pretty nice. then nick said "you're not done, lay down." and i was like "uh, whatever, yeah right." and then i remebered him telling me about jason's scarring, and then i got scared. this is the part where he puts on this yellow liquid stuff that i believe is called ferral benzine or something (i asked like 8 times but can't seem to remember at this point) none the less it is this acidy type stuff that seals it or something good like that. what should actually be said about it is that it burns like a mother...yeah, this was a unique pain, i'd have to say that looking back, the actual cutting was more painful, but this stuff just produced a pain like one i had never felt before, luckily it doesn't last very long, and then i was all officially done. i loved it alot then, even though it was bloody and yellow, because it was so pretty...the funniest thing was then we decided to go rent a movie, and i was all driving around with lee, with no shirt on, people sure appreciated that...luckily i was wearing a pretty bra, i suppose. so sleeping was pretty fun, especially seeing as my stomach was still in the healing process, i made a bloody mess of my sheets the first night...but i am over it. after about two days it was scabbed over enough so that i could wear a shirt pretty comfortably, which was nice. alot of people thought it was a tattoo because of the red-blood color for the first weeks, actually people still don't really understand when i say it isn't a tattoo, and its like a fleshy pink these days...oh well people being people, they aren't so bright. it only took a little over two weeks for the scabs to heal and come off, which was a pretty annoying process seeing it itched like hell and they would get caught and my clothes and pull, which did not feel too good in general...oh well, it is over, and now the three stars are great and really nice to look at. (ask my roommate, she probably thinks i have some serious vanity issues with my ass, which i do not) i would sit here and say, well scarring sure is cool, but not for everyone, but i would be lying if i can do it, anyone can do it, i am a big pussy and hate pain, and nick does a wonderful job, so if you're thinking about it, it's definitly something to look into. sweet. go vegan.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Nick+Boggs
Studio: Visual+Impact
Location: Elmira+Heights+%2C+New+York

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