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Mercury on My Back

It's hard to decide where to start on an experience like this one. The other experience I sent in was on getting my inverted nipples pierced last year. Those were done by Steve Truitt, the same adventurer who did this scarification. I came up with the idea for my cutting back in January, a Mercury symbol with a circular arrow around it (don't know if that makes sense, the arrow was my way of representing karma). It took a long time for me to decide that I was actually ready to go through with it. By this point I'd run into Steve at a fetish ball and got a business card while showing off my nipples to him (he was glad they lasted). Now it was a matter of getting the funds to do it. I finally decided its birthday would be Sept. 22, my dearest friend's birthday. He has accepted me through everything I've done, be it brave or stupid, it was my gift to him. Okay, on with the story. When the 22 rolled around I gathered my friends into the car (Schlake to drive & take pictures, Margareta to be happy and shiny, and Matt, who was only there for the post-mod dinner) and we made the hour drive up to the shop. I was in a pretty good mood by the time we got there, Steve had the final design ready (I had stopped in the week before to give it to him, let him make it pretty as my artwork is mediocre). After some final preps I took my shirt off and laid down on the table. This is where I will make my only negative comment, Steve's assistant annoyed the hell out of me, he was loud and griped at Margareta for nothing, you don't gripe at her. But in any case, Steve was there, paitent and calming person that he is, slicing away at my back. I admit that getting the cutting hurt like a bitch at points, especially before the endorphins kicked in. The cross on the bottom part of the Mercury symbol hurt the worst. But at the same time I felt peaceful, Margareta right there hiding under the tool table, Steve wielding the scalpel it was nice.

Since we wanted the Mercury to be as bold as possible Steve acutally flayed that skin off. Apparently I'm not a bleeder and my skin comes off in nice big pieces, we got the whole symbol off in three pieces with me taking breaks in between each piece for a drink of Gatorade. After the cutting stuff was done Steve and Schlake had me kneel on the table for pictures. At that point I caught a glimpse of it in one of the mirrors, it was bright red, I wanted it to stay that way forever. After pictures Steve gave me the after-abuse procedure, peel the scab, rub in a mixture of peanutbutter, sugar and lemonjuice, scrub.. basically be as mean to it as possible. I had no idea it would be as painful as it was. Four days after the cutting (it took that long for me to form a scab of any sort) I sat down on a chair with my best friend Andy behind me equipped with tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, a toothbrush, and the pb solution. He gave me a big hug and started the process. OUCH! It took a bit to discover letting the hydrogen peroxide dry on the scab helps loosen it and make the peeling process easier, by the time the scab was off Andy and I were both on a huge endorphine rush. Then I let him put on the pb mixture. omg... It was easier than the peeling because the pain was a constant but, damn that hurts! Andy let me stand there for 15 minutes beating on his chest (quite pathetically by that point) telling him how evil he was before he took me to the bathroom and rinsed it off. A couple hours later we put more of the pb on and taped plastic wrap over it (leaving vents) so I could wear a shirt. We left it on for about an hour and a half before we were at a friend's place and I started smelling peanutbutter. Sure enough it had started dripping out the bottom where the tape had come loose. The next day I ran out of endorphines. Ever done that? I was completely exhausted and wound up sleeping for about 14-15 hours straight (it's rare for me to sleep 7). A few days later I suffered through another peeling and pb. I admit I may not have done this as much as I should but classes require attention too, pain and concentration don't go well together for me. In any case, it's in that wierd pink-not-quite-healed stage. I've been scrubbing it with a toothbrush soaked in hydrogen peroxide every day because the pb doesn't seem to have much of an effect any more. Hopefully I'll get around to sending in the pictures from this experience at some point. In the meantime, thankyouthankyouthankyou Steve, you're my hero:) Everyone else, have fun modding.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Steve+Truitt
Studio: Stacy%27s
Location: Abq.%2C+NM

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