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My little sunshine

I guess it all started back in high school. In an attempt to stay awake during my various classes, I would doodle little designs on my notebook. Keep in mind, I'm not an artist, so most of these drawings were pretty simple. One design that kept showing up over and over was a small sun consisting of a circle with 8 cresent shaped rays around it. It was my senior year and I had a few piercings and was very interested in body modifications. Somehow, I got the idea to have my little design branded on the inside of my right ankle. One night, when my boyfriend-at-the-time's parents were out of town, I put my plan into action. I had a couple drinks and let my ex know I was ready to go. We had decided the best way to do the brand was with a curved wood carving tool heated by a blow torch. It sounds a lot more brutal then it was. It didn't really take long and didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I did let out a couple yelps, but only because it really made it hurt less in my mind. I absolutly loved my new mod, although others were not as happy with it. My parents, of course, hated it and the boyfriend(even though he did it) wasn't very fond of it. So I was somewhat persuaded to not irritate it like I should of. Flash foward a couple years and subtract one humongous asshole of a boyfriend. My little sunshine was still visable, although it had faded enough to not really look like anything. One day, when one of my piercing urges had struck me, I grabbed a friend, skipped out on work, and headed downtown. We went down to Perforations, a studio I consider to be one of the finest. Unfortuntly, they've closed since this:( Anyway, I was hoping I had the right anatomy for a triangle piercing, so Taschi took me in the back and had a look at my goods. She said it probably wouldn't be a good piercing for me given how I'm built and said to try a vertical hood instead. We went back out front and I started looking through her portfolio. In addition to piercings, she had pictures of brands and cuttings she had done. I asked her how she had learned about doing this and she said she was native American and had learned a lot of it through her culture. She also had taken Fakir Musafar's courses. It got me thinking about my faded little brand and how I wished I could have it look more deep and defined. I showed it to her and asked if it would be possible to have it re-branded. Since I have very fair skin, she said it would probably just fade again given my skin type. Man, dissappointed again! She did suggest that the design could be cut in using a scapel. Finally, I was getting somewhere. The design was fairly small so she said it would need to be done in two parts so that she would be able to streech the skin correctly. I didn't have anything done that day, but my mind was buzzing with possibilities. I gave myself a whole day to think it over and grabbed another friend and headed back down to Perforations. We decided that she would cut the circle and four of the cresents that day and then I could come back in a few weeks for the other four. I did the paper work and then headed back to begin my little adventure. First she did a rough outline in red pen. Once that was agreed upon, she cleaned the area and marked it with a surgical pen. She got the scapel out and asked if I was ready. I will say I was a little scared, I mean I've cut myself before but it's different when somebody else is doing it. I tried to concentrate on other stuff in the room and told her to go ahead. She started cutting and it wasn't bad at all! I couldn't believe how little it hurt, not how I expected it to be at all. Usually, when I'm getting pierced or getting shots, I won't look because it makes it seem worse to actually watch. After the first cut or two, though, I watched as the scalpel went in and left a line of blood in its place. I started talking with my friend and before I knew it I was done. She bandaged me up and gave some instructions on how to irritate it without getting it infected and I was set. I showed to anyone that would look at it, although some people were sorry they did. Gosh, it's only blood. I made sure to irritate it everynight, soaking it and then scrubing off the scab with a clean toothbrush. I forget what I put on it, maybe it was shaving cream, but I know after a week or two I switched to bleach. I had been a little scared to use it at first, but it really didn't bother it. I went back a few weeks later and got the design finished. It's weird, I always wanted to write an experience for BME, but I don't have any tattoos(not that I find anything wrong with them, I actually find them to be very attractive, I just haven't found the right one for me) and for some reason none of my piercings seem particuarly interesting. Don't get me wrong, all my mods are special to me. I guess my cutting is experience-worthy for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because I really like Taschi and the work she did. I am very impressed with her ability, the way she treats customers and the fact that she is a woman with her own business. I know the shop isn't around anymore and I don't know what happened to her, although I've heard she went back to Michigan where I guess she was from. I hope she's still doing this type of work because she struck me as someone who was extremly talented. Another reason this cutting was important to me was that even though I love my little design, the ex who did was a really abusive awful person and having a positive female cutt over it helped to let out some bad karma. Also, I just decided to write about because it's such a part of me. It's not that my piercings aren't but it's my only "permanant" mod. I mean I can always take the piercings out, but my little sun is never going to totally go away. Not that I regret it, quite the opposite. Every once and awhile I look down at my ankle and see it and I'll think about being on a beach in Mexico and laying out in the sand. I hate cold weather and winter and it'll really fuck with my moods. I just look at my ankle and think warm thoughts and I'll remind myself that summer will always be back. Cheesy? Probably, but it works for me. Plus, even though it's small and simple, I did design it all by myself, which I probably wouldn't be able to do with a tattoo. If anyone knows where Taschi is or if she's working, drop me a line. I think it's about time for a touch up:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Sept. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Tashci
Studio: Perferations
Location: Washington+DC

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