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my hate

if your reading this and you dont have any Scarification get of ur pc and get cutting now kid!! i was 14 when i did my 1st Scarification i dont know why i did it. i was in bed 1 night doin art home work so i had a penicl in my hand when i started rubbing my skin away with it i did a H then a A, T, E it was bleeding when i had done but i loved it. the next day at school all my class were like " why did u do it jess bla bla bla" i was like coz i wanted to. when my mum and dad found out they didnt say much but my mum and dad never do so that was okay. A few months later i did sum more Scarification's i did a kind of J near my hate and a eye on the top inside part of my arm and lots of lines this time i did it with a blade it was so much easyer i was happy with them when i went into school the next day every was like " okay why do u want more" i said there a part of who i am if u dont like them there's no way you can like me. some of the boys ask to look at my arm all the time i tell them to get bent.lots of ppl asked me about the pain i tell them how much i did hurt (not @ all). the thing that pissed me of the most was the few ppl that can in to school the next day with things on there arms saying bitch and shit like that. ppl think im mad and a freak now but lets face it i always have bin mail me if u want i anit fussed or you can add me on msn im on it most the time. jess p.s my mum and dad have now sent me to c a docter after seeing my new Scarifications. but its not goin to stop me im goin to do more and more i want to do some thing around my belly. i also want my lip ringed. sum ppl do Scarification b-coz of a bad home or sum thing i do mine b-coz its a part of me and ppl that call me dumb or mad are all sheep only dead fish go with the flow you can email if you just want a chat about your little life i help or my m8s with there problems so may b i can help you 2. and im in a band called 'poison flame' that is one of the things that keeps me sane (not doing a very gd job i can hear sum of you saying) im the lead singer. and were looking for a lead and bass so if u live in north london and r looking for a punk grunger band mail me peace out and cut untill u bleed jess love to all things pp.s my HATE has neary gone b coz i when to greece and got a tan over it you kno whow it is. but my new 1's are still fresh witch i love i can pick the sabs off and let them skar but i dont want that so ill keep them how they are. im planing to do sum of my friend that said they looked kewl for his b-day i also hate it when ppl put other ppl names eg i love tom 4ever coz lets face it ur not goin 2 love tom 4ever coz toms a dick head. well thats wot i think Scarifications Scarifications Scarifications Scarifications get some done. a good 1st one i think wood b a small box in the inside of your arm dont get any 1 2 do it they cost shit loadz do it your self d.i.y so much better and only you can do it how you want it some things you will get asked by the bitch's of your skool work town ect when you do a Scarification 1) did it hurt? = hell yes 2) why did you do it? = i was pissed off with you 3) are you goin to do any more? = i mite rite your name on my belly so i can think of you when im in the bath 4) i mite do one wot do you think? = yea you could do a nice fat line across ur wrist if you wanted i can help you. hee hee hee only joking im not the sic in the head :D but there are some ppl that i wood just laff if they did do a Scarification but im not goin 2 name names in caes the they read this like they wood be on BME! any ways goin 2 go wash my arms and do a new Scarification jess


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: me
Studio: my+room
Location: north+london

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