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Scarification by fire

I read a lot of articles in BME about scarification and I have read a ot about cutting and branding. However, I never came across an article about burning with direct flame. I would like to share my experience with all the members. My experience is rather unique as I am very fond of FIRE. I am not really into branding, but more on BURNING, ie applying flame to my skin. My favourite place is my buttocks since I think that is the least painful of all other places, and easy to conceal. That is actually the main reason since I am sure that I will be chastisized if my parents came to know what I had done so far to my body. Other places are my fingers, nipples, navel and vagina of course. I always do it in my bedroom, after my parents and brothers slept. My favourite tools are matches of course, candles, lighters, and lighter fluids. Let me go into more details about my rituals and scarification of my butts. In the early years, I just light some matches and put them out on my butts. The pain is very sharp and the results are small white blisters, mainly due to the hot tips of the matches. The scars are pretty light, sometimes very difficult to see after couples of months. When I become more brave and my tolerance towards fire and pain has increased, I choose to use candlewicks. I take half inch of wicks and dip it into the hot wax of the candle. The purpose of this is so that it can burn longer. Then I placed it on my butt while I lay down on my stomach. Using a lighter, I light the wick. The fire starts to grow big and the flame starts licking my skin. The pain is so sharp and white that I had to restrain myself from screaming. However, I let the wick burning and after about five seconds, the pain has turned into some kind of dull sensation. I figure out that my nerve ends has been burnt off due to the flame. Normally the flame will keep on burning my skin in about 10 to 15 seconds. What I love most is to see how the flame has burnt and changed my skin. At the start of burning, my skin will look wrinkled, after that white blister starts to formed. Next, it changed to brownish and finally turned to black. No bubbles yet, instead, the burned skin will be pretty hard, charred. Normally, I end up with two or three wicks at the same place. The biggest problem is the aftercare. It is really difficult to care about the burns, and normally it will take three to four weeks for the skin to heal completely. This is actually has prevented me from burning myself everyday. After two months, the scar starts to raise. This is the beauty of burn scars. I can feel it whenever I rub my fingers on it. Since my first burning, I have used the wicks numerous times and it covers almost all of my butts, left and right. If I am not using the wicks, I use my other favorite method. I will take a piece of tissue paper, rolled it into balls as big as fingertips. Then I will pour lighter fluid onto it, let it soaked. After I placed it on my butt, I will light it with lighter or match. The flame of the rolled tissue paper is always bigger that the wicks, and so does the heat and pain. And normally it will take 15 to 20 seconds to be completely burned. Sometimes I use alcohol instead of lighter fluid. However, the heat of the alcohol-soaked tissue is too great, and it normally produced tears in my eyes. The easiest tools is the matches. What I usually do is to light a match, let it grow big and just drop it on my butt. I will immediately start with the second match even if the first one is still burning on my skin. The session will stop after 10 to 20 matches. My butts is so scarred that I can feel the raised scars even if I am wearing jeans. And to tell the truth, I really loved those scars, every single of them. I also have scars on my nipples. Instead, I think that my nipples is totally scarred, so beautiful and smooth. My vagina lips also have couple of raised scars. Recently, I found out that if I burn myself on the previous scars, the pain is less and it heals faster. Since my new discovery, I does not need to find new places to burn. I can just burn my skin at the same place all over again, and I think that is the beauty of scars. My scars may not be as pretty as branding, since branding use some kind of pattern as a guide. But I think that my scars has beauty of its own, and the feel of the scars make me feel alive and kicking. As for now, as soon as my scars healed, I will start burning them again and again, and since I started serious burning seven years ago, I still feel the same excitement as the first time I burned myself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: self
Studio: own+bedroom
Location: Manila

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