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Itty Bitty Facial Scarification

For a very long time I have wanted to have a scar on my chin, right from the bottom of my lip to just above the dimply raised part. It's not that much distance, actually, but since it's on my face I figure size isn't as important as satisfaction. Actually, I'd imagine that goes for any mod, but a facial mod is of course more "extreme" since it's more noticable and people can descriminate against it much easier. At any rate, I was very happy to obtain a scalpel, some latex gloves, a disposable camera (I should scan those pictures in someday hehe but I'm so lazy!) and some friends, to watch of course! First, I prepared the area by washing my face with good ol' Satin. Then I sat in front of a full length mirror, Q-tips on hand for dabbing at the little bloody gash, and began. It hurt a lot more at first, probably for psychological reasons, because again this is not a large area to cut. The biggest problem was in fact seeing through the blood. It was a straight down cut, beneath the lip, and then two curvy points (like an anchor if that helps the imagination) at the bottom, right at the edge of my dimply-raised chin. I tried, as I had learned from reading various things and talking to various people, to do the "V" cutting, slicing a gouge rather than a single line into the skin. This was not as successful as I would have liked, one because of the bloodiness that I was not used to at this point, and two because it's a lot harder (for me at least) than it sounds. I did my best, and it was a lot of fun, especially because my friends were all ogling me from the other end of the room. Once I was finished I scrubbed my chin with Satin. A few days later I noticed it healing a lot more than I would have liked, and probably a week after the initial cutting I decided to cut it again. This time I had less of an audience (one friend) and it was less of an exciting experience as it was a utilitarian, let's get things done finally, sort of experience. The second cutting worked somewhat better. It also itched a lot more! I found myself scratching my chin open on many occasions, without realizing what I was doing, and getting a dribble of blood on my face - this was too often in class, where it wasn't a subtle thing to leave and get a tissue for a self-inflicted bloody injury. Though I did a lot of scratching, and it did certainly itch, it finally healed up nicely - very pink, and raised pleasantly above the rest of the skin. But sadly I have skin that's very pale and I absorb my scars very quickly, so it's not very visible anymore. I think, if I ever want to try and make it more visible, I will get the pale scar tissue (I can still find it easily with my fingers, because it's still raised - but hardly any different than the surrounding tissue) tattooed very slightly to give it some colour, and make it easy to spot, even from across the room I hope! Also at some point I would like to simply have a tattoo going straight down the middle of my face, through this scar, but I want to get other tattoos to begin with. (I am of course poor and very lazy and yadda yadda so I haven't bought any tats yet. However, I'm thinking that since I'm a semi-artist I could simply get a tattoo gun, learn how to do it on myself and friends, and get tattoos and additional money that way.) Anyway, I digress. I did get a reaction, while it was healing and still bright pink/red, from those around me. Some people just asked me how I got injured, or if I had had dental surgery or something. Others asked me if I knew my chin was cut (no way, I've got a few days old scab on my face?!) and a few actually had the decency to just ask me what it was; those few were the ones who, once I told them that it was a deliberate cutting with a scalpel for purposes of scarification, actually seemed to accept that answer. Interestingly enough (I'm a college student) most of my teachers understood immediately, even the ones that I thought were terribly stodgy and boring. Goes to show that just because someone is a boring teacher doesn't mean they're conservative or close-minded. :) Overall, this was a really fun experience, and I think facial scarification is very satisfying. It's powerful, much in the way it felt for my best friend when he did his own meatotomy I'd imagine. (The face is, after all, very sensitive and psychologically important, even if it's not a sexual organ.) Peace!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+bedroom
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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