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anti-american scarificatoin

I vaugly remember the date, somewhere around the fifteenth of january. but i

had just finished reading "dumbing us down : the hidden cirriculum of compulsory schooling" , and listening to Anti-flag's then latest release : A new kind of army. I have long held and animosity towards american values, economic traditions and the general channels that the common citizen is forced to go though, consequently crushing their will and diminishing their spirit. Modifying my body has long been a way of , at least in my own mind, defying the powers that be, and taking back control. Government programs have given parents and officials more rights to violate the younger generations rights to expression than ever before, and this was my way of showing that they could not control every aspect of my being, because my body is mine, and mine alone. My latest modification was to be a symbol of anarchy and revolution, an upside down american flag carved into my shoulder. I beleive that the flag has been twisted and we are no longer a nation independant of tyranny and greed, but a nation that is a monolith OF tyranny ang greed. We escaped england only to effectivly become england over centurys following the revolution of the colonys, and this disgusts me. My scar is a symbol of the vitriotic hatred that i hold for this turn of events, and the state of american life as we know it. I readied a scapel (in acuallity a x-acto knife with a #11 straight blade) and drew the design i wanted on my shoulder with a pen. The image was an american flag distorted so that the box is in the lower right hand corner as opposed to the uper left hand corner. There is one star in this box, for two reasons : (a) funcionality...there was no way i was carving fifty tiny stars into that box and (B) syboloism : the single star represents the single, facist government that is in control of this nation under the guise of democracy. After i was done with the marking of my shoulder the the sterilizing of my blade (alchol, the only thing i had) I put on a dead kennedys album (appropriate, eh?) and proceeded to follow the marks i had made with the number eleven razor. I made sure that my cuts were straight and true, as i wanted this scar to be one that would stay with me for the rest of my life. I am extremely commited to my beleive in self governmetn, unity, and anti-nationalism, and consequently, i was commited to the scar that would manifest from this beleif. The acual cutting caused discomfort, but no earth shattering pain as a common person might suppose. With each line my arm seemed to perspire more and more, the only thing that irritated me about the whole procedure. I cleaned up the blood and sweat with a wash cloth and continuted. After the design was done, i washed my arm and then made the cuts a bit deeper. It ended up about 3 inchs by 5 inches on my left shoulder, and i was happy with the way it looked. each cut was somehwere around a 22nd of an inch deep, because i decided that the needed to penetrate a relative amount of flesh in order for the scar to acheive the desired effect I once more moped up my blood, dabbed some hydrogen peroxide on to be safe, and drifted away while Jello Biafra yelled the chrous : "nazi punks fuck off!" in the backround.... The next morning, i took my shower as usual and it stung when i flexed my arm to dry, but nothing that i couldnt handle. I showed my fellow punk and essayist the scar, and he described it as "rad". Eventually my mother saw the scar and took me to a crisis center for self mutilation. This is ironicly, the type of back handed over power that inspired me to this mod. After explaining my reasoning to the shrink i saw, she decided that not only was i sane and not a danger to myself and others, but i had a higher thinking level than most teenagers my age and the avereage working class adult. She saw my scar as not mutilation, but an expression of my physc and not all that differnt from the tattoos that are becoming more and more accepted in todays soceity. A person in the system that was on my side...go figure. Of cousre my mother aruged this womyn tooth and nail, but eventually my side was shown. We went home and i again listening to anti-flag. That night i wrote a short blurb about america surrending its children to the television, and fell asleep with a smile on my face, content with my mod and my quasi-essay. Phreak : 1. America: 0. Flash foward about a half year later. THe scar is a light pink on my shoulder, and because my flesh is so pale the contrast is nice. I have since carved an upside down cross into my forearm, and the largest scar and mod to date are the initials "A. R. S." in my chest. (which will be explained in a later experiance). All in all, i can say that i am extermly pleased with all my scars and other modifications (i am working on streching my lobes to 1 and a 1/2 inches). The upside down flag on my arm has sparked many a political debate, which i suppose, was the underlying purpose of the ritual in the first place. If anyone wishes to contact me, my e-mail has been made avalable by BME and they are welcome to do so. Special thanks to anyone who has ever posted an experiance in the scarification, you guys gave me lots of research info, and the nice people wherever the fuck they make x-acto knifes. And thank you to the liberal shrink at acadia who convinced my mom that i wasnt insane. Never give in folks. -end transmission-


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 July 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: DIY
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Location: Maine.

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