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The day i decided i wanted to be a *star*

well i guess it was last night i decided i wanted a star on the visible part of my wrist (not the underside). i'm waaaaay to young to get a tatoo in good ole canada so i couldn't exactly pay the 65 bucks it costs to get a purdy red star.....so i decided to scar myself into a purdy red star. Before i decided to scar myself yet again i figured it would be another one of my self mutilation regular scarings. i didn't really want a star that bad, plus i'm probably getting a rainbow one on my back in the summer, while living with my grandma. So it was a complete suprise when i realized i could make my scars beautiful. so i grabbed the bottle of rubbbing alcohol and a safety pin along with a small straight pin and a razor blade. i cleaned all the above with the alcohol and then i boiled the straight pin in saline solution (hey i guess wearing contacts and using 3 bottles of shit is good for some things) for about 3 minutes. so after i held a bit of ice on my arm...untill i had a hard time feeling anything anyways and then i started scratching, first with the safety pin, untill i drew blood. i'm used to cutting myself like this for pleasure so it wasn't very much. i waited untill the bleeding stopped. i then surveyed the damage. it wasn't deep enough so i got out the straight pin. this was suprisingly much sharper than the safety pin so i got a lot of good deep cuts. i then used the straight pin to gouge off the layers of skin within the star to make is solid. There was hardly any pain involved in the entire process. The only real pain was making the star a uniform depth, and getting the layers of skin removed from the inside. I am a very artistic person to begin with so that may have helped in the freehand drawing of my star. That was 24 hours ago and i can say i'm very happy with the way its turned out. its nice and deep so it will scar good. the only problem is trying to explain to my mother how it got there.... i will in the future probably use this as a new form of mutilation, as opposed to piercing more holes in my ears. I think i may make the new star into a bracelet with smaller stars surrounding it. i will also experiment with different depths for the cuttings. i may eventually buy ink and experiment with smudging that into the cs to change the colour of the scars. so far it has healed very nicely. no infection yet, however my body tends to become infected VERY easily so i'll have to be careful. i'm definately enjoying this one though. and there's no pain....well therre is a little, but nothing compared to my nose ring or my ear cartlidge piercings, which i also did myself. However i feel that this one is more prone to infection and i'm kinda worried about it as it is so close to so many major veins and arteries. i would recommend this type of tatooing only if you can handle blood. as there is quite a bit. and only if you are artistic. i don't think pen ink would be something to get into the scars as it may stain them and it may lead to poisoning. i am very very proud of myself this time. i think this is the first mutilatory experience my friends approve of :) the only downside is when i'm old and wrinkly i'll have a star on my wrist....but i guess it'll match nice with my streached out earlobes, the scar on my nose, the ripped belly button, and the disfigured scrumper...all of my younger and more foolish years, but i think its a good idea now....so screw when i'm older and wiser. a few friends have actually asked me to do smaller stuff on their backs and stomachs. i may concur with their pleas, however, i feel kind of uncomfertable with cutting my friends. i'll draw it for them however. they can cut themselves. well my mother just noticed the star. she is disappointed with me however she won't say anything mean about it untill the morning. which i'm sure she will as she is going away for the weekend. i think i'll do some more later on tonight. maybe one on my hip and a few on my legs. i think they're absolutely beautiful. i'm short by six words. THE END!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: me
Studio: my+bedroom
Location: hamilton%2C+ontario%2C+canada

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