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you will find me a sage...

I went to Factor Five to get my nipples pierced. That went wonderfully. While i was there i talked to Melinda about random things. She mentioned taking classes with Fakir for branding. (He did the stars on her leg.) As I was leaving she said that they would be doing free brandings to introduce it to people on such and such date. I went. It was at a music store for the CD release party for Tool. I wasnt sure how I felt about getting branded. To be perfectly honest, I didnt want to. I hate scars and I couldnt think of anything wonderful to get burnt into my flesh. I watched her start off on a guys sholder. She did three arrow tops. kinda like on each side. His eyes rolled to the top of his head when she put the cautery pen to his skin. The room was filled with people wearing those little white masks doctors wear during surgery. After watching a couple I wanted one. I wanted to know what it felt like. But i still had no good ideas. Besides, my boyfriend was not amused and was very much ready to leave. So we did. For the next couple days I thought about getting branded, and what I would want. If anything. I asked a friend of mine to draw up a picture for me. Unfortunately he is a slacker and nothing got drawn. My boyfriend took high offense to the fact that I didnt ask him for help first. So I asked. And what good idea that turned out to be. "why dont you get something in runes?" So now I had to pick a quote. I wanted something that was important to me and wasnt going to depress me. I have a habit of getting quotes that arent too uplifting. One of my favorite quotes that makes me feel so wonderfull is what i went for. I found it in Some of the Dharma, by Jack Kerouac. You will find me a sage, good, taintless, wantless, calm.. It was perfect. Except I didnt have my book on runes so I couldnt translate it. Once again, I asked my friend. Once again, he slacked and my boyfriend saved the day. So we went to the shop to get started. I had wanted to get the first half on one calf, from the knee down and the other half on the next leg. two problems; it was very uneven, and didnt fit. We spent about 3 hours trying to find a way to fit it on my leg(s) nice and even looking. We went with wrapping it around my right leg starting at the knee. By the time we had figured out how to do it, I had to leave. A week later we went back. It was all written on my leg and measured to make sure they were going to be the same size. Ive never been so nervous. Now the fun begins. She warmed up the pen and asked if I was ready. I knodded. We started with the first letter right below my knee. The pen could only sit on my skin for 4 seconds. That was a very long 4 seconds. I alomst smacked her hand away. Natural reaction I guess. It kinda felt like a large group of fire ants all in one spot biting and biting. I didnt think I would make it through to finish. The three below my knee hurt. I dont how else to put it.. they just HURT. I had to rock my body back and forth to keep from kicking. People thought I was going to hyper-venthilate. I am not one for pain. She had to stop after almost each strike. We got about 10 characters done. That only left 31 to do. I came back a week later. We redrew the letters and began. I had my boyfriends hand locked between mine and headphones on as loud as they could go. That first strike made me jump. Once again I kept making her stop after every one to every couple strikes so I could kick my leg around. I was so scared that my leg would jump while she was branding that I just held all the muscles as still as I could. After so many they just needed a break. Some of the ones on the side of my calf kinda made my leg twitch. I still didnt finish them. A week after that I went back.. again. We has 17 left to do. This time around I had figured it out. For the most part anyways. I relaxed my leg and just listened to the music. This time around I didnt have her take breaks between each couple strikes. I took it like a man. The heat was barely noticable and I was laying back relaxed. No more rocking for me. Right when I was completly comfortable with it and relaxed, we were done. Oh how I wish I could have just relaxed in the begining. So now I have scabs on the back of my leg and scars on the front. Sleeping can get to be a bitch. But it is worth it. I was told to pick them as often as I wanted. She gave me a toothbrush to scrub it with and irritate it. But me, being the big puss that I am, has yet to use it. I pick tho. Theyve grown about three times like she said they would. Theyre a beautifull light pink just like I hoped for. She told me what to do if I wanted raised scars. But I dont. So thats my story. I am now a sage. Or at least Im closer then I was.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Melinda+Mole
Studio: Factor+Five
Location: Charleston%2C+Sc

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