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Devil Cat Scars

I have always been fascinated by body modification since I was ten. Piercings, tattooing, and especially scarification. I had my ears gunned when I was eleven, which is pretty ironic. My mother is against all body mods except ear piercing, and is frantic about cleanliness, health, etc. So what does she do when I ask to have my ears pierced? She takes me to a hair salon we have never been to before and she has my ears gunned by a stranger. Typical of her. My mother is a real ignorant bitch. Obviously, my parents would never support any other body mods I met get. So I had to act on my own. When I was fifteen, I pierced my own ears myself a total of 8 (eight) times. Three holes on the bottom lobe area, and one cartilage on each ear. Then I successfully pierced my left nostril at sixteen. My parents still glare at me about that! But now about my multiple scarification scars. I have been cutting via depression for about three years, and I stopped after hospitalization and treatment. (Those experiences are so pathetic, sad and gory THEY should be typed up and submitted!) Anyway, after logging onto to BME, I was looking through the scars and saw one that really hit me. You know, when you see a symbol or tattoo and you're like, wow. That's ME! I quickly printed out a copy of it, dodging our spawn-of-Satan librarian, and stash it in my messenger bag. Later that night, I was in the kitchen, sharpening my knives, when the image came back to me again. I sat down and studied it, and with my lucky ballpoint pen changed some stuff so it was more to my liking. Luckily, I'm in A.P. art and design, so it was easy. (Not that I'm bragging.) Actually, I am . . . The result came out as a spooky vampire cat, drawn with funky angles. The tail of the kitty ended with a triangle, like a devil's tail. It looked fantastic. So I went upstairs to my bedroom, pulled out an ancient t-shirt that advertised a local pizzeria and Mister Pointy, my razor (it's a boxcutter). After practicing the design multiple times with a pencil on a piece of paper, I cranked up Cradle of Filth (Midian) and got ready. I showered and shaved my legs, because I wanted the design on my left outer calf. After I dried my black and purple hair, I went into my bedroom and tucked the t-shirt under my left leg to catch any blood that might make an appearance. I also took out a bottle of my special charcoal and salt solution to rub into the design when I was done. Rubbing an irritant into your skin after cutting can both darken the cutting and make the scar "stronger" looking. Anyway, after studying the design some more and saying goodnight to my asshole parents, I was ready. First I poured a bit of hydrogen peroxide on my left calf. After it soaked into the skin enough to make me feel sterile, I pressed the edge of the razor firmly into my skin and slid it carefully across my leg. A second passed, and then bubbles of blood appeared on the slit area. Another second, and the blood slid down my leg. I mopped it up with my t-shirt and continued to cut. Every now and then, I had to wipe Mr. Pointy off so I could actually see what I was doing. Finally I was finished. The cut areas of my leg continued to seep blood, but not as much. I swept the t-shirt over my bloody leg and then uncorked the bottle of charcoal and salt. By now my t-shirt was stained a rusty brown. A bit of advice: if you decide to do a scarification on yourself, tissues will not absorb the blood. Use an old t-shirt, one hundred percent cotton, that is well washed. Denim isn't as soft on your skin, and any other fabric isn't as comfortable. Cotton is de best. When I cut myself there usually is not any undue pain. It hurts a little bit, then throbs. But when you rub salt and charcoal into your skin, DAMN! It's painful! After whimpering like a little deranged puppy for a while, I limped over to the bathroom and ran a bit of warm water over my leg. The scar came out great!! I was so happy!! Concluding statements: When you cut, there is always a chance that you'll mess up. If you do, stop cutting the second you see you are off track. Don't try to fix it unless you are one hundred percent sure you know what you are doing. If you are not, then leave the cut alone. Don't attempt to rub any irritants into it. In a week or so, it should be mostly healed. Then you can try again. That's all! Good luck, people, and be careful.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: My+pretty+self
Studio: My+crypt+%28bedroom%29
Location: NJ

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