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More additions to a beautifully scarred body - back cutting

Hello yet again, I am writing to add to my never ending list of body modifications... my background information goes as this: cutting on my left ankle, two brands on my left upper arm, eyebrow piercing and twelve various holes in my ears. I thought I was finished with my body modifications, but anyone who has a few knows that you are never truly FINISHED, because there is always that ONE more to do. I had done my ankle, which came out beautifully, and I said I was done, done with the beauty, the pain and the time. Finished. And then I got thinking and thinking, and one thing led to another. I decided I wanted to do another brand, across my back, stretching from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and a design in the center, a perfectly symmetrical design. I decided it would be done piece by piece, for my summer job would be difficult if I could not move the skin on my back. So I decided to do the center design first and then I would branch out over time. The Pink Pixie came over, for I had decided to do it in the comfort of my own home, and I showed her the design I wanted her to brand into my back. She looked at it and said she wasn't sure what we could use to brand it, but if I wanted it to be cut instead she would be glad to do that for me. I thought about it and decided I would let her do the cut, and then the rest of my back would be done in the form of cuts as well, as opposed to brands as I had originally decided. As I got out a couple of single edge razor blades Pink Pixie asked me if I would do a cut for her, on her calf. I agreed and she drew up a design, which together we modified to fit her taste and my ability with a blade. We cleaned her leg, after deciding we would do hers first, and I sat her down on my kitchen counter. She decided on a mushroom, with a face and design on the top, more for the purpose of art than anything else. I began, and quickly cut the stem of the design. Then she needed a cigarette break, so I let her off the hook. When she finished she asked if she could do mine in between working on hers. I agreed and lay down on a pillow on the floor.

Pixie put the design on my back and I checked the placement. It was perfect. I lay down and told her to begin, and to talk to me while she cut, so I could focus my mind on her voice. She began cutting and I lost track of time, her voice, of everything besides her cutting. When the blade slid over my spine I had prepared myself for pain, but I was greeted with a chill and no pain at all. She did about two thirds of the design when a phone call interrupted us. After getting rid of the caller we decided to move to a different room, for better lighting. So we moved and brought our items with us. We set up and the Pixie continued to cut my back. Now I could feel the pain, but I was determined to have it finished, so I stayed still. When she finished I asked her to assist me in a salt rub, and then an alcohol rub, instructing her how long to wait until she took the salt off and how long to scrub it with the rubbing alcohol. She poured the salt on my back and rubbed it into the fresh cutting. The sting was crazy. Then after a few moments she scrubbed the salt out with a rubbing alcohol soaked clothe. Pain again, but welcome pain. I wanted this cutting, and I was willing to deal with the pain of the cutting and rubs. After a few moments of cleaning off my back of excess blood, I began to finish her leg cutting. I quickly did the top of the mushroom. It was over quickly, as the design was only about four or five cuts, although they were of various sizes. I did a salt rub and then an alcohol rub. We were finished. Pixie was a wonderful artist, because she did my back delicately, but also harshly, so the design came out as I had intended it to. And she was a wonder participant in her own cutting, she let me do my work quickly, without many stops, and let me do what had to be done without complaining. I think brands and cuttings are beautiful things, and great forms of expression, and I believe if people want to do them they should. If they want one that is on part of their body that they themselves cannot do I recommend asking a close friend to do it for them. The Pixie and I had an amazing afternoon doing each others cuts, and I believe it drew us even closer as freidns. It was an amazing bonding experience, and Pixie is the only person I would trust to cut my flesh into a life-long scar. As of now the cutting is only about three days old, and so far the healing has gone well, and I have had no problems with it, nor has Pixie with hers.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Pink+Pixie
Studio: the+comfort+of+my+own+home
Location: my+own+home

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