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Self Scarification

Well I'm sitting in my grade 7 Art class 2 years ago with a compass in my hand and an idea! I have seen scarifications on Riplies and I think to myself it would be cool if I could do one. I don't bother asking my parents cause I know what there going to say anyways and its sure gonna be a no cause I remember asking for just and ear ring (which I got now and is gonna be stretched to a 10ga in a month). So any way I decide I am going to do this myself. I start scratching shit on my arm with the compass needle and the dead skin leaves a design so now I'm like I'm gonna do this right! So I ask the teacher to go to the washroom and I sterilized the compass needle with soap and water cause that's all there is and it's better than nothing. I go back to class and I got my left arm in the desk and I start with a line on my forearm. I see the skin lift up a bit and some blood. I go over the line a couple times with the needle until it gets deep. I think to myself again, what the fuck am I going to do with a line??? So I decide I'm going to do my name! I do another line go over it a few times and then one more line. The A is finally done. I check if anybody is looking at me, the coast is clear (I love sitting in the back). The only person that was watching was my friend beside me and he thought it was gross. But then the teacher walks by me so I cover my red bloody arm.
Now I start on the R and realize how hard its gonna be for me to do a curve with a dull compass so I do the r in strait lines. I start to dig the compass in and do the big line first and then the two small lines.

I look at the A and the R and now its shaping up so I do some touch ups on the a and clean off the blood. Now for the T. So far the process hasn't been painful until I do the T I'm getting a bit woozy and my arm is just stinging. I slowly do the T this time and it doesn't really show up so I keep carving at it. Now it's starting to hurt! But not too bad. The T is now done and am happy with my new Mod. Now I realize this is going to be hard to hide from my parents, I never really thought about it. But its to late now. Over the next few days after I did the process it starts to scab up so I put disinfecting cream on it when I get home. So every day for a week I put the cream on. After that week I pick at the scab so I can make a scar out of it. It bleeds once again so I put more cream on. I pick and pick and keep putting the cream on and it eventually stops scabbing and I got a scar now! Now I have to hide it from my parents! Thank god its winter so I can ware long sleeves for a few months. I don't always have to ware long sleeves because not to many people stare at arms I know my parents don't so im pretty much safe unless they actually examine my arm. They haven't examined my arm for 2 years so I guess I'm fine. At the time my worry was swimming in my pool, but still to this day they haven't noticed yet so I guess its ok. My aunt uncle and grandma know about my scar cause they saw it when it was scabby and red. They were like why would u do that and my excuse is "I didn't realize I was doing it!" they believed me, I also joke with them about it I say I did it cause if I'm drunk ill remember my name! Thank god they were cool about it because they didn't say a word to my parents. Most people who I show my mod to are discussed and frightened but I love it cause I did it! Some people think its cool and want to know how I did it. I also did another scarification and this 1 is hidden under clothes but not any place you might be thinking of its on the high part of my leg. It's the KoRn logo this time I actually though of the placement of it and its not noticeable. Luckily none of the scarifications got infected or better yet seen by my parents. I suggest if you want to do what I did, think of what you are going to design, find a reasonable placement and sterilize the needle and try not to do it in school or use a dull compass.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 April 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+grade+7+art+room
Location: My+elemetry+school+in+burlington+ont

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