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My run in with a razor

Ive had this in my mind for a while and by putting it on bme i hope it will help someone else just like XmickX helped me. (thanks by the way). If you didnt know you should use irritants if you are going to cut. Substances like, sand, vinegar, toothpaste (yes.. toothpaste), lotions, red wine, peroxide. These substances encourage the wound into scarring and developing keliod tissue. Doot Doot Now for my experiance with my friendly razor. First off I absolutely love anything that has to do with altering my body.. in any way.. I have deep respect for anyone who does it as well. The first time i ever cut myself i was pissed off about something (and if you want something to take your mind off of an ordeal... i would recommend this.. ) I sat down in my room, beside my computer.. and just started chopping away at my hand.. but only in one place.. it scarred very nicely.. i dont think i used any thing to irritate it though. I actually thought about my previous one before i sat down to do it. I thought about the pain, cleaning the razors, and how to get it to look.. well good. I decided on a star (wow.. creative Eh?) Ive always had a thing for stars. I had to think of peoples reactions, because when i did my hand the first time my family freaked out and tried to send me away for a while. My family was the least of my worries this time. I have a boyfriends thoughts to worry about now..and he doesnt comprehend the whole body mod thing (as he calls it). Well on with the story.. I was talking with my friend steve.. and he assured me that it wouldnt matter to my boyfriend, and that it SHOULDNT matter to me..so I went and got my supplies. I got a rag, razors, alcohol (to clean the razors with), and a permanant marker. Sitting down with all this matierial i thought to myself "Wow.. Im gonna do it". I decided to draw the star with a permanant marker before i started cutting so it would match up (the lines being even). I sat down by my computer and placed my foot on top of the table. I positioned the star below my third toe, and it is bigger than a silver dollar. I started at the top first (which hurt very little compaired to the bottom parts of the star). The cuts where quite deep at first and i made the mistake of taking aspirin (dont take it before you cut, or get piercings.. it makes your blood thinner!!) for a headache before i cut my foot, So the blood kept comming and comming. I ended up using 4 rags (that i had to throw away by the way..they were all white.. and ended up being red) This whole ordeal took me about 2 hours. I went over it once, and then a second time to make it deeper (that didnt feel to good). Afterwords I went to the beach with my boyfriend (who wasnt to upset with the whole thing) The water didnt feel to good and i know its not good to go in it for piercings.. but it did a fine job of irratating the fuck out of my cutting. The sand helped out a great deal too (ouch). Im doing as much as i can to irritate it now..(sand picking at the scab.. Lotions) It looks really good, and i just submitted a picture to shannon hopefully it gets put up. Im proud of it. Ive gotten a few stares from it.. i cant believe how many people actually LOOK at your feet. I feel good that i actually sat down and did this. I love it. I wouldnt take it back for anything. It is really pretty. My friends complement me on it, and some are even proud. Im hoping that my little star will help me get a BME page. Ive tried forever to get one. Ive hand My madison and my handwebbing (plus various ear projects). I send in pictures of everything but nothing seems to be right. Although next time i decide to do a cutting i will get some one else to do it. It was extremly hard to cut your own foot and get it RIGHT. Im looking forward to get a matching star on my left foot im hoping one of my special little friends will help me with that. There are no shops around here that i know that practice scarification. If you have any questions you can email me, or if u just want the picture you can email me as well..If your thinking about doing a cutting GO FOR IT.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: me
Studio: my+house
Location: nc

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