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After learning and doing alot of research on body piercings on the site BME I noticed body mods wasn't just about tattoos or body piercings. There were way way more than that. Ritual, implant, sounding, pumping, play piercing, sacrification, etc. The first time I ever fell in love with my ex I really loved him and engraved his name onto my arm. It left a scar and stayed for for about 2 years. Now I notice its starting to slowly fade away and the coloration is much much later. I thought it was about time I got something that was fresh, experimentive, and beautiful. Sacrification was the answer. I once again turned to BME and done alot of research on it. Even though I had done alot of research however I knew when I self perform my own it would not be as nearly professional nor clean and maybe even safe. I did not know how I was going to do it but I knew I wanted a scar of a star on the opposite side of my palm. One day while I was just surfing in BME and browsed through the tattoo pictures and noticed a really nice tattoo of a star. It tickled my addition and I knew right then I was going to perform my own sacrification. It would be a 2" by 2". Did not know what to use to cut it, remembering the first time I did with of the guy's name I used a knife. This time I didnt want to. Instead I saw a pack of my razor blades on my computer desk. I took is and took one of the new blades out. I used alchol to clean it and then boiled it in boiling water for an hour. While the waiting was going on I took my blue pen and drew the star on my upper wrist. It was not perfect and I had to make quite alot of changed. After 15 minutes of doing that on my left hand. I took the blade out and started cutting along the lines of the star on my upper wrist. It didnt really hurt but instead it felt like "pleasant pain". After cutting it ONCE I went over cutting it about 4 or 5 times. The first time didn't hurt that much but the second and so on hurted really bad. At the second time, the blade was tearing in and slicing the bloddy flesh. All at once I just felt like my pulse just focused to my upper wrist and was jumping out really fast and hard. It didnt bleed that much but used enough tissue to dry the damn blood. I showed my mom and she thought it was drawn on. It was all completed. The next day I woke up it hurted SO bad. If anytime I made movement in my left hand the skin was stretch and that HURTED SO DAMN BAD! I couldnt stand it, and not only that but during the healig process the hand got sooooooooo so itchy!! For about 13 days it was like that. During the last couple days of healing I noticed the star is now turning into a scar. The color was changing, it used to be flakey skin and red-pink, now it is light brown. Its REALLY nice! I really like it. I noticed the color changed depending on the weather as well and temperate. If I wash my hand in warm to hot water it gets more browner-pink and shows up alot more. Where as if it was cold it gets really light brown, dry, and hardly noticeable. I have it for about 2 months now. The healing was perfectly fine. No infections, which was great. Pain was well worth it. I enjoy it. My mom thought it was an crazy idea, but as a mother she is always very supportive of whatever I do to my desire. She didnt like the idea I got my labret, tongue pierced but because I really liked it she accepted them. At first my mom called me crazy but now that all the healing is done she knows that I didnt get any infections or anything bad, she is cool with it. My friends think I'm freaking crazy. However one of my friend is planning on copying me! Damn I hate that! I'm planning to redo the star again by going over it again to make the scar show up more. This time I think I will irritate it much more, I know that way it becomes more nad appear more as a scar. I recommend if anyone who wants an sacrification of any kind of get it donw by a professional and not self-perform. Even though I had no problems healing but not everyone can be as lucky as me to have no infections or screw up. Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 April 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
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Location: Ontario

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