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Homemade tattoo/scarification

My friend Jack got me into a lot of things. He got me out of my NOFX and MXPX

punk phase into the whole 924 Gilman/underground punk scene. He showed me the world of chains and whips as method of pleasure. He introduced me to cult flicks like A Clockwork Orange and the Crow. All the cultures behind those things sparked my interest in body modification. More than that him simply showing me all his piercings and scars and allowing me to marvel at them. I'd always like piercings, I had three in each and I also was planning on getting a nose stud. Anything more than that was just weird. Jack slowly opened me up to them though. It took a long time for me though, to get up the nerve to give myself any modifications out of the ordinary though. My first one was a carving of an anarchy sign right below my left wrist. I was in a park one day with Jack, he was showing me the star he'd carved in his calf, it looked awesome. At first I was to scared to take a safety pin to my skin but finally I got the guts to, and obviously it hurt no more than any small scratch. I slowly scraped away at the skin until it bled lightly in the shape of an A with a circle around it. As I look at it now I can still see a quarter sized circle with an A hardly visible. The next one was right below it, a cross with an X over it, same size. My beliefs have changed somewhat though, and I'm letting them heal over. Lots and lots of A+D ointment really helps things heal up. Those were my first two carvings, and after I'd realized how painless and easy they were to make, my body became my new canvas. Next were piercings. I started with ears. My first one was my cartilage on my right ear, I had to take it out after a few weeks because I thought I had a keloid. I got my cartilage on my right ear redone and a fourth stud on the bottom of the same ear, all done by a lady on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley with pretty purple hair selling butterfly wings, who also happened to have a piercing gun. More recently I've also stretched my ears to an 8g and plan on going up to a 00g. Of course it didn't stop with ears, belly button next . Next was my left for arm (which was the most painless piercing I've gotten, but very dangerous). Both piercings I did myself and didn't last for more than a week. My most recent mod happened this morning. I've stepped to the next level, somewhat by accident. I was looking at my wall, there was a painting up of a heart with a bunch of spikes around it that I'd done when I was little. Not my most beautiful paining, but I really liked the design. I found a safety pin on my desk and started to carve the design into my chest, high up but where I can cover it with a bra so my parents won't spot it. As I started to carve, I came to the realization that there was no way that I could make the heart symmetrical if I didn't draw it on first, so I took a ballpoint pen and drew the design on. I looked in the mirror, it looked good, I took my safety pin and carved the design in that I had just drawn, until my skin lightly bled. It looked awesome, and it didn't hurt very much. I waited until it had stopped bleeding and then I went to the bathroom to wash off the ink. To my surprise the ink wouldn't wash out. I'd never drawn out a carving before I'd done it and I'd think it would be common knowledge that it would stay after the design has scabbed up, but I didn't even bother thinking of that before hand. I wish I had, I would have put more ink in so it would have been more vivid! Either way it's going to make an awesome scarification, one of the few that I've actually dug deep enough to make really noticeable. I told a few people about it and one of my friends told me that's how she'd gotten her first tattoo also, she wasn't sure if mine would stay or not since I hadn't put to much ink in. I'm hoping it will, it's beautiful, and it's a lot less expensive and easier than getting it done professionally. I highly recommend it to people, be careful and sterilize the safety pin or needle, as I didn't and I'm hoping it's not going to cause me problems down the line. Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: myself
Studio: my+room
Location: Berkeley%2C+CA

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