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Spinal Tap

My second body modification was a bit more extreme. Technically, this is not my second mod, because I have pierced myself all over, many times... But this is the second one I have kept... I first got the idea for a scarification from my ex-gf. She burned an X into her upper left arm, and it turned out crappy, but the idea intrigued me nonetheless. Being only 16 at the time, I had to have something I could hide from my parents pretty easily. My father, a devout Christian, would kill me if he saw what is now carved/burned into my back. I decided on an inverted cross on my spine, approximately 4 inches in height, and 3 inches in width. I told Leighann, my dear friend, about my wish to have this done to me, and she agreed to help me, even though it took a lot of sweet-talking on my part. She just didn't want me to blame her if she screwed up, LOL. But I trusted her, and I would ask no one else but her to do it. (Aside from a pro, haha...) The day we did this was a Tuesday. I got to school early and she met me. We went to the back of the school to a little secluded area. I pulled out a lighter, and she pulled out an 8-inch nail. At the sight of this, my nerves jumped with either trauma or a eagerness... To this day I still don't know. :o) I told her where I wanted it burned-- Right between my shoulder blades, above my bra strap. I pulled up my shirt and showed her exactly where. She nodded, said, "Let's do this." And with that, she began to heat up the nail. She held the flame to the nail for about 40 seconds. Believe me, that made it hot enough. She asked if I was ready, and I nodded, because I was scared my throat would take over and say "No" for me... When I really wanted to say yes. Anyway... She pressed the searing-hot nail into my back, burning the lengthwise section of the cross first. That damn nail was so hot it was cold. I heard my skin sizzle and immediately my back broke into a sweat. She held the nail there for a minute, then peeled it off my skin. My flesh had "melted" around the nail, making it hard to take the nail away from the skin. It oozed around the nail. The surrounding flesh was really red. Well, more like purple, haha. Eek. Leighann heated up the nail one more time and repeated the process. Again, it was so hot it was cold, and it took a lot of restraint to keep from jumping. I didn't want to jump, my nerves did! Hehe... Well after that second burn, Leighann said that was enough for today. But it wasn't quite over. She popped a few of the heat blisters and wiped up the puss or whatever it was. Then she took the sharp point of the nail and ran it across the inverted cross, making it slice open! So now, I not only had a burning, but a cutting as well! A week later, we repeated this process. We did this for a total of four weeks, making a total of 8 burnings and 4 cuttings. Each week, I could feel the skin hardening as scar-tissue covered the wound. I cleaned it little, only rinsing it with really lukewarm water and wiping it very gently with a soft sponge to soothe it a little and to rinse out anything to terribly nasty. It completely healed up (and by that I mean stopped blistering and pussing and scabbing) after about 2.5 months. It's been almost 2 years, and it's still there. But, it's not as pretty as I had hoped. The scar is discolored-- lighter in some areas, darker in others. Also, it's pretty misshapen. The left bar of the cross is longer than the right bar, and I mean a lot longer... Heh. Figures. I hope that it fades before I turn 18, because I would really like to have some wings tattooed on my back, and I just wouldn't look as good as I want it to with a big ugly scar in between the wings. Shux. I know I didn't go about this scarification the right way, and now I regret it. But at the same time I don't, because it is a part of me and it does mean a lot to me... I just wish I had thought about it more. P.S. The most-asked question: "Did it hurt?"

Answer: "You'll get used to it." ;o) P.P.S. My dad still hasn't seen it. :oP


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Leighann
Studio: Apollo+High+School
Location: Glendale%2C+AZ

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