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So, I was having another one of those mediocre days a few months ago, and I was at my friend Juliana's house, with the music blaring, so on and so forth. Typical teenage stuff, without the drugs and sex. just rock and roll. So, Juliana is 20 and she has quite a few piercings, my favorite one she has is the two in her tongue, they look so cool. Maybe one day I'll get that done too. My dad has a couple of tattoos, most done by Huggy Bear, who used to work down by Coney Island, now i hear he is working in Florida. I've grown up around tattoos, but i guess meeting Juliana has introduced me to the other stuff that you can do with bodies. like scars, brandings, piercing play and some pretty sick stuff, but hey, whatever turns a person on. Juliana was talking about this site, and I was all like, "cool" and stuff. I live in NYC, so we have a few good piercing parlors, like Andromeda and Cassiopia, which i recommend to anyone who is in need of a piercing, they are in the Village somewhere, but some aren't as hard-core as I wished they would be, as I really wanted a nice big scar on my back, in the shape of angel wings, which i know i couldnt get done until i was at LEAST 18, even then i might get some heat. Juliana's younger brother Corey heard me (he's 15, and a good artist) heard me, and he offered to do them for me himself. And I was all like, "OK, sounds fun," since what could be better than being 15 with a kickass scar on your back? So, he took me into the kitchen, pulling out masses of sharp pointy things, like one of those tiny little knives that serve no purpose, as well as a straight edged razor. he wiped them down with rubbing alcohol, as well as rubbing down my back too, before we started. I was absolutely nervous. I mean, come on, it was so unsanitary, after reading up on it, it sure as hell could definately be. But i mean, it's Juliana's house, I am more than sure she doesn't have AIDS or some other disease, and neither would her brother, hes super straight edge. So there I was, laying down on COLD linoleum floor, with him carving away at my skin, lightly at first, then he sort of went deeper. It burned like having a stove with all four flames on hitting my skin. and that would so be painful, agreed? After a while, my back numbed up, I think its like, chemicals or something that make it happen, or the fact your SKIN IS BEING RIPPED APART, but it was really helpful, as i was crying, and peeling the skin off of my lower lip, which is a super bad habit. It took him a little over an hour to do it, with him pausing to wipe up some blood and stuff. It especially hurt when he went over my spine, then again, i've heard anything on your spine is painful. Its about three months now, and they are fully healed. He kind of messed up in a few spots, but that's only if you are looking closely. they are super detailed, and it was just so spiritual, having your flesh carved into, its like a trust you share with someone, I think. When I turn 21, im planning on getting my lips sewn shut and sitting in Washington Square Park, or something..since I think its so enthralling what people can do to their own emotional and physical appearance. Also, my mom has seen it, she thinks its rather pretty, then again, she has her nipple pierced. Its just a really strange world. If i could, i would do the scarification again. Even though i risked infection a few times, It was just so beautiful. Its one of those things that go beyond words, but if you have done it, you sort of understand how it goes. My mom said i can pierce my labret, so whenever i get the money to do that one, i'll post that story up too. Its a big experience, i think everyone should try doing something to their bodies, and watch how it'll change how they think. I had one person on the subway train going to school crack a joke about it, but when i asked him if he would do it, he said no. And i told him, "then dont laugh, because i had the nerve to do it, and you obviously dont" that sure got him to stop quick. I ended up with his phone number, but closed minded people dont float my boat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Corey
Studio: Juliana%27s+house
Location: NYC

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