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When im pissed off...Anarchy and Arms

Well I'm not really sure where to start. I guess the beginning would be good.

It was in October I think, maybe September, I'm not good with dates.... So, I had had a bad day at school, like always (stupid teachers).. and I was looking for a way of just letting go, short of drugs and suicide (I was short on money you see..) so I went to my room... (big surprise, huh?) and tried to sleep, because I like to sleep. Sleep is good.

Well that didn't work so I sat there and looked around my room. I thought about my life and my mortality. How we are just here for a short time and everything we try to do is basically in vain because we wont be remembered unless we kill a lot of people. (you see how I think..?) So I was really pissed off at that. Then I looked at my arms. I don't know why but I had the urge to cut them off. Just that feeling in the back of your neck.... like a counter-conscience. Like when you go over a bridge and just get the urge to jump off...know what I'm talking about? Well common sense came back and I was like "whoa, my arms are strange..." please don't ask why, I'm a troubled teen you see. I'm very self conscious but I am just to damn lazy to do anything about it.... Then it hit me: it's my arm, why don't I show it who's boss. So me and my arm went to the kitchen and saw, to everyone's surprise (what else is in a kitchen) , a cute little knife. So Me, Arm, and new friend Knife went back to the room and talked things over and we decided to put a nice little anarchy sign on my left fore arm..( again I'm into that so don't laugh or I'll tell my Arm.) so I drew it out and, without any sterilization (I'm a risk taker) made the cuts. I was never into cutting, but I knew others who were and thought it was all just strangeness, but there is a lot of emotional stress that is released with that first cut.

I highly recommend it. (shut up school counselor) Everything went ok, the circle is hard to do, and I'm glad it wasn't on my right arm. (Lol) Healing was a different story. This being my first thing I wanted to scar, I was kinda writing my own book. It got all bruised-looking and I thought it was infected for a while. I kept picking off the scabby things and I even went back over it with a razor for good luck... I had been wanting a tattoo of the same nature in the same place, but being under 18 (and too lazy to do anything about that) thought that this would be just as good... I have a friend who has several scars but I didn't know until I told / showed him mine...that's when I found out he thinks he is a nazi (hence the large swastika on his shoulder) his turned out pretty good but his brandings looked better than my little A so I got to thinking about doing a branding. My parents finally saw the A and flipped out and threatened to sent me to a therapist or some thing else horrible like that....it healed decent (would of been better if mommy hadn't of made me "doctor it") so with the antibiotic ointment it un-scarred (it was still open) and that pissed me off. So I did it again. This time on my ankle area. It was less enthusiastically done so... it isn't even noticeable. But that was my fault for not maintaining it. Now this little A as I have come to call it, marks a point in my short life where I started to get into body modification.. . I'm still under 18 L and I have very controlling parents L L so I will just have to wait.

I currently am planning to stretch my lobes to about 6 ga. Because I have loved that since I was old enough to look through National Geographic, which would explain my other piercing wants.. I also am in the process of planning out how to connive a family member to taking me to get my septum done.. because I blah blah National Geographic blah blah... and the whole "hideable" thing too. (hey I lived in a remote part of the mountains for most of my child hood...there was nothing else to do but read...) Later in life ( within 2 years) I would like my labret, maybe a scrumper, and several tattoos ranging from a tree to a sun. I'm not to into genital stuff, but hey whatever floats your boat... So like I say: I cant remember any thing clever to insert here... Remember: Scarification is beautiful if you know what you are doing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Toad
Studio: My+Room
Location: Alvin+TX

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