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scarification by cigar

Scarification with and cigar The process of my scarification started one evening at a party. I was at a party and my girlfriend had pissed off with a friend of mine! That was nice, any way I was feeling a bit depressed and sorry for myself so I thought I'd do some thing to get some attention, so I grab a cigar that my friend was smoking (it's a party you do strange things at parties) and stubbed it out on my left arm (I'm right handed). It was strange because it didn't hurt in the slightest witch I was pleased about if a little disappointed. It swelled up very big to start with like bubble wrap almost but that didn't last long because I court it on some clothing and rip the top layer of skin letting some water like puss flow out down my arm (it was surprising how much there was in there!) Any way with the skin gone and the puss there was a very sensitive under layer of skin that stung when touched, even though it hurt I couldn't help my self from touching it, which was very strange. That soon scabbed over with a lovely green scab that occasionally picked off so it bleed (because I like the sight of blood) but it had heeled with in about 3 weeks. So after that I was left with a circular scar of about an inch in diameter, which was bright, red in colour and very soft. I decided that I could not just leave it at that so I had to think of something to go next to it or with it because it looked lonely. I didn't think that I had enough experience to try pocketing and I didn't have enough money for a tattoo. So I decide to do some more scarification, first I had to decide on a pattern. It took me a long time (and a lot of college time doodling on a pad!) When I had finally decided on a pattern I had to think of a good way of a applying to my arm it was a chose between needle or scalpel, I thought that a needle would take to long and I'm very impatient so I decide to use a scalpel. I started by cleaning the surface of my arm with iodine, so now I have a nice orange coloured arm, I start by cutting a spiral design come out form the main cigar scar in tight circles then the gaps get bigger and bigger until its about 8" in diameter. Its not bleeding too much but the cuts don't look that deep so I decide to cut deeper (I want this thing to last). Now they're starting to bleed quite heavily it's beginning to sting a bit as well. The blood is covering my arm so I stop for a bit and clean the blood up and let the first cuts heal up a bit so they're not bleeding so heavily. Now I start cutting lines coming directly out of the main cigar scar so it's almost like a spiders web effect it's bleeding more and more so I stop and let it scab over. It's a day later and I like the effect got with the spiral web design but I want to do more to it. So I start to carve out bits of skin to make a checkered pattern (this really is quite pain full) it looks quite good but is quite bloody so I only do a few rings of this before the pain gets too much and I have to stop. I let it all scab over it looks quite bad like this so I hope it will look at lot better when the scabs have gone. All the people I have shown it to think I'm a freak and should be committed to a mental hospital but just ignore them because I like it and that's all that matters. I am think of doing more scarification in the future because I like the effect it give but I also have lots of different designs for tattoo that I would like to get done and future piercing projects that need to be done but they will have to wait for the moment for I have little money! Oh well. All the scabs have now gone from my scarification after about 3 weeks of picking at them! Any way its looking a lot better and I am very happy with the end result but some of it is starting to fade already I don't think I cut in deep enough to leave a bright red scar which is a shame. I have also been think about other types of scarification like chemical and branding but there is no where near where I live that does it so my search goes on for more body modification!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: me
Studio: at+home
Location: england

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