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Blood Fetish

Well, I have this one friend who I used to think as pretty strange. I had her over one night and she was first telling me about her suspension. (I wont go into that, because it was rather boring.) Anyway she wanted to try and do her own tattoo with cutting and inking. I told her that I would also like to do that, it sounded really cool. We did not have any of the materials needed to do it that night, so we planned to get together next weekend. So she comes over with a shitload of stuff. (rubbing alchohol, various types of ink, ie-pen, some dyes... etc) We set everything up and got going. I did her tattoo first. She wanted a celtic cross on her right shoulder blade. Easy enough. I used an exacto-knife to cut. It was brand new and worked wonderfully.Ionly put the blade in about an eigth of the way in. As soon as I penetrated the skin it bled as a wrist would, have you hit a vein. I was not sure why, but as I was cutting her skin I got this huge rush. Oh, it was great. Maybe I was getting it from cutting someone, maybe I'm sadistic. Nah, I got this rush from the blood flowing over my fingers. Smelled so good, and it was oh so warm. I finshed the cross in about thirty minutes. I could have done it in less time, but I had to make it look perfect. Plus I wanted to feel the blood running over my fingers so bad. I cleaned the "wound" with alchohol and while it dried I got the ink ready. I chose black and green. Those two colors go great together. As I put the ink in she said it stung a bit and told me to go slower while applying the ink. When I finished I put some gauze over it and taped it shut with medical tape. The blood was seeping through the bandage. So, she was done. My turn. I wanted the words "love" and "hate" to form a broken heart. I know it sounds stupid, but it isn't. Both were to be red. The area in which I chose to have this placed was on my stomach, right above my belly-button. She began cutting, and as soon as she dug the tip of the razor into my skin I wanted to scream. The pain was immense! The pain, however soon subsided to pleasure. The feeling of her guiding a knife through my body was so oh, there are no words to descibe what I felt. Blood was gushing out at first, and then to my dissapointment stopped. After what seemed to be only five minutes she was finished. I later found out that she had taken a whole hour to do the cutting. So, she then cleaned my "wound" and prepared some ink. She mixed some blue in with the red to make it a blood color. Although not quite purple. When she put it in, it did sting. Now I knew what she was talking about. This felt like forever though. Oh, the pain. Oh well. It had to be done. And then it was done. Holly quickly gathered up her things and left. Her back was hurting a bit, and she was rather tired. I was finally alone. Now I could do what I had wanted to do all night. Draw and drink my own blood. Ever since the feeling of Hol's blood flowing over my fingers, I had wanted more. The wonderful feeling of her cutting into me was so great. The combination of the two and my own will would be total ectasy. I took a small razo blade from my bathroom and burned it to somewhat sterilize it. Once it was cold again I took the blade and dug into my upper left arm. I once again felt the pain of it penetrating my skin. As before it soon turned into pleasure. The blood was already pouring out. I took my fingers and touched the blood and brought it to my lips to taste it. It was so warm and sweet running down my throat. I wanted more! I cut maybe an inch more, and then I stopped. I let the blood flow and I caught it in a glass so I would not lose it. I kept the area warm so it would bleed more. Sadly, the bleeding stopped. I washed my arm and poured cold water over it so it would numb a bit. I put a bandage over it. Once I was finished dressing my arm I took the glass which I filled with blood. I drank it as if it was milk. I have never drank anything so good and pleasant.

I do this often now. I cut at least three times a week and save the blood. I know that soon I will lose too much blood. When I do, then that will be the time for me to stop. Until then, cheers.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Holly-Baby
Studio: MY+room
Location: MY+house

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