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Self Cutting and Branding

When I first decided I wanted to do some scarification again I looked at my body and decided which part was ready for some action. It turned out to be just above my ankle and it looked like it was going to get a star design on it. So I got out my razor and cleaned up all the hair and then washed up the area. I then went and got out the marker and drew it on, got out the knife and cleaned everything up. The first cut was the sweetest feeling, just knowing what a beautiful piece of art will be left there once I'm done. I can't say it hurt, it actually felt good, I felt a relief of sorts maybe that it didn't hurt or maybe it was the release of blood that I soon felt trickling down my leg. Either way I would not trade that feeling for anything not even a million dollars. I continued on for a little while working on it, making sure the lines were straight and at the right depth. It was a lot of fun, I guess it is hard to explain the feeling but I felt many good feelings at once. I was happy, relaxed, basically just at peace with myself and it felt good. I always wish that I could feel like that all the time but unfortunately my body is not big enough and eventually I would run out room. I guess it took around 20 minutes, a half an hour at most to complete and once it was done I had a huge smile on my face and it looked amazing. I just sat there and admired it for a while and then I went and washed off the blood, sprayed some bactine on it, threw a bandage on it and I was on my way. There was no major pain really just a little discomfort when I would put on or take off my socks. I went on with my normal life and had no problems; I hid it from my parents because they would not be cool with it although they are with piercings and tattoos. I think it would be because it was self inflicted that would worry them but it was simple to hide, I just made sure I was wearing socks. Once it started to scab up I started to pick it, I don't know why I picked it but now I'm happy it did and I'll do it again the next time I do a cutting. I think it made the lines raised because none of my other cuttings have ever been this raised or looked this good. After about a month I decided to brand in the tips of the stars. I wasn't sure what I was going to use to do the brandings I thought of many things and decided to do a test on my other leg. I had lit a candle to use to heat some different pieces of metal and a few inscents because I thought that the smell would suck. So I decided the test would be a band around my other ankle. And I tried all the different things (piece of coat hanger, small pin and needles, and other assorted pierces of metal) and wasn't completely satisfied with any of them and I was about to give up. Then I had a stroke of genus and gave it one last shot... and it worked like a charm. So I went to work on filling in the tips of my star using the glowing end of the inscents. It worked great and was more painful then the cutting but also more pleasurable. I also enjoyed the fact that there was less blood to clean up afterwards. It went pretty quickly only taking about a minute or two to do each tip but the smell was pretty bad, especially when a piece of skin would get stuck to the end of the inscent and just burn. I had to light a few more inscents to combat the smell but it was worth it. I took the same path in healing the branding and it came out just fine. This took place approximately two years ago and the hair had completely grown over it and I thought that it was barley visible anymore. Until a week ago when I decided to take a closer look at it and shaved the hair. I have to say it looks better then I remember it being...damn I did a good job. The lines are nice and straight and the brandings look even. After studying it for a while I got the urge to do some more work so I got out the trusty inscents and went back to work. I just filled in the middle of the star and re-did the tips. I'm currently planning another piece. I'll send in some pictures once it's all healed again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Done+by+self
Studio: in+my+house
Location: Toronto

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