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Branding as a hobby

When I was 11 I accidentally burned my hand with a soldering iron. My hand jumped back like a cricket but it didn't hurt that bad. This was the moment of my life that I looked back on when I had the idea to burn myself. Knowing that the pain was formidable yet brief, I decided that I would give a single strike brand a try. I've had a couple small tattoos done but I felt too damn uncomfortable while I recieved them. Besides, I was not cool with having a needle going in and out of my flesh. I always wanted a crucifix scared into my body so I heated up a cross pendant over my gas range, placed it on a dry cloth and pressed it against my forearm. I wasn't educated about branding in the slightest and I left it on my skin too long. I had to pick the crucifix out of my skin and I was really excited about how nice it looked. The feeling of flesh bubbling and popping under the red-hot metal was so exhilarating! I soon repeated the same process on my other arm and figured out my ignorance about the whole thing. I heated up my crucifix and didn't think that the hotter i got the metal, the better the burn. I laid a barely scorching hot piece of metal on my skin and I was rewarded with a TERRIBLE infection. My skin around the brand was beet-red and hot to the touch. My armpits were very uncomfortable with the swelling of my glands. I figured out the problem with my technique and soon began using a propane torch and a modified coat-hanger to brand myself. The results were terrific! I started to learn how to brand and how much I could brand without hurting myself too badly. I have since branded nearly my entire left forearm. I recently branded my legs for the first time and am anticipating the final result. At first people thought I was a complete idiot for doing this to myself but then I started having people requesting me to work on them. I was surprised to see how many people were so willing to let me burn them with total confidence. Most of my "customers" were girls, strangly enough. I had a girl who got her initials branded and she had some problems but she ended up with a great brand. She scars like I wish I could! I never took care of my brands because I felt that they were a sort of right of passage, so to speak. I figured that if I was going to do this to myself then I should be able to accept the consequences. I do very much encourage the use of at least an antibiotic ointment to ensure a reduced risk of bad infection. I am also a very normal guy with a very normal job. (I work in an optical lab) My appearance is not an issue. I worked in a resteraunt while I was learning the trade and I was condemned to wear long sleeve shirts while in that sweltering kitchen. So, exposed branding just isnt for anyone. I wondered what my mother would say about all the scarring and came to find out that my father had been branding himself secretively for a few years. He's a little embarrased of his scars so I don't inquire too far about it. Yet, from what little I have seen, I have been nothing short of amazed at the extent of potential! He has many brands that are raised off the flesh so violently beautiful! I have no clue as to how he was able to get his scars to raise so high but I will learn and put it to use in due time. If anyone could give some pointers on how to get my brands to raise like that, then it would be much appreciated. I can't wait till i can feel my brands contour outward instead of inward. Since I have stumbled onto this site, I have gotten a great deal of ideas and a new dedication to give greater brandings. I thought that branding was a taboo subject that I should try to hide. Now I find my brandings to be great works of art that I paid a price of flesh for. I find a lot of my work on a lot of different people around my small town and a growing acceptance. Even my boss is cool with my brands and I'm able to show him my work when I get something new done. He gives me an awkward glance every time, but at least he doesnt ask me to cover it up. I'm hoping he will be able to handle my next task of doing a facial brand. I'm not sure of the design but I'm thinking of something on my forehead. I was rather intrigued by the use of a laser to perform brands. I'm sure that it's an expensive tool but the precision is remarkable! I find my method to be sloppy sometimes, but that laser work looks great. I have excluded the idea of using a cauterizing gun since I feel the depth of the brand is not that consistant. I would like to thank BME for exposing our "sub culture" as an acceptable way of expressing ourselves and the beauty within our flesh. I have recently bought a digital camera and am looking foreward to submitting some of my work. If anyone has an idea or anything that they would like to share, then e-mail me and your tips and hints would be most appreciated. Thanks again. No-Face


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Feb. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: myself
Studio: my+kitchen
Location: all+points+west

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