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It eats my flesh away

About two weeks ago I decided that I was missing something. I had no idea exactly what I was missing, but I just knew that I was missing something. Three days ago, on the 13th of February (2001), I found out what that something was. What I was missing other people would gladly pass up, but I wanted it. I decided to burn my skin and leave a nice scar. My friend, Jon, wanted to borrow one of my Cradle of Filth CD's (Midian, one of their best albums). Of course, I gladly let him. However, I needed something in return so he wouldn't run off with my cherished Cradle of Filth album. So I took his pentagram bracelet. I wore it the rest of the day thinking nothing of it...until I got home. When I got home I remembered that Jon has performed much scarification on himself (mainly for ritual purposes). While joining a cult, the other members jabbed a knife into is ribcage and twisted it. That scar is HUGE! And it kicks ass! Soon he plans on splitting his tongue and piercing each side. He also branded his forearm with the very bracelet that was currently in my possession, but it healed terribly and looks like shit. I instantly thought of what was missing from my life and decided to burn the pentagram permanently into my flesh. After my parents left and my house was completely empty I decided to perform this awesome task that would remain with me for the rest of my life. I went into the garage and found some cardboard. I cut a 1 1/2" wide strip, that tapered at one end, off and rolled it tightly up and taped the end as so it wouldn't unravel. I then grabbed some wax and melted it in a pot with in a boiling pot of water. The wax melted and dipped the roll of cardboard in the wax many times. I set the roll aside to cool while I went off to find an empty tuna fish can. When I returned I placed the roll into the can. I went back out into my garage with my make-shift burner. I doused the cardboard with some lighter fluid and lit it. A beautiful, hypnotizing, blue flame danced over the burner I had just made. I held the bracelet in the flames for a while until I thought it would be hot enough. As I took it out of the flame I rushed it to my unclothed calf and pressed as hard as I could. The heated metal started to consume my flesh, and then I felt IMENSE PAIN! I really wanted to take it off so that the pain would stop, but I ignored the pain as best as I could so that this branding would turn out the best it could look. I held it in its current position for around 23 seconds. When I took it off I wanted to put it under water to try to ease the pain, but I resisted and just left it alone. It's only been two days so it definitely hasn't healed fully yet, but it is coming along nicely and it looks great! Right now it is raised a little over an eighth of an inch above the rest of my skin. Yes, my leg still hurts at times, mostly when my pants rub up against it, but I definitely think it's worth all the pain. My parents have yet to find out...but when they do I'm sure they'll give me a nice pat on the back. NOT! They're going to fucking flip! Once I turn 18 (of course it'll be fully healed by then) I plan on mixing it in with a nice tribal tattoo. I think that would definitely look bad-ass. This is one of the most kick ass things I've ever done to myself, I LOVE IT! And now I've also decided to do the same thing to my right calf. I will probably brand my right calf within a couple of days. The first time I did it, I was completely scared, but I look forward to the next time and get excited at the thought of doing it again. Of course, it will definitely not stop at the two pentagrams. I hope I can find an awesome metal cross so I can brand behind my calves an upside down cross. For everyone that wants to brand themselves, but hasn't yet, I say DO IT! I think my experience was totally worth while! However, there are always those cases that turn out terrible and leave you with an ugly scar rather than a beautiful one. So, if you decide to do it, use caution and don't jump when you press the heated metal against your skin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2001
in Scarification

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