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I'm a big nerd, thats about all I can say about this scar I did, a nerd I say. You may be wondering what my scar is... WELL, its a scar on my thigh that says "BME" in 3 inch letters! I was sitting at home yesterday just thinking of something to do. I thought: "why don't I do something mod wise?" PING!
The light went on, sweet ass BME scar! So I went into my little box of piercing needles and spalple blades and pulled out a brand new blade (size 22 I do believe). I laid out a red towel and stripped down (I like scaring while nude) and picked a body part. It happened to be my thigh. I picked it because it is a big space and I could hide it easily. I got out a really thin ink pen and drew on where I was going to do the lines. Now I needed to be in the right mood and all so I put on some Stabbing Westward... mmm... I lit some candles and I relaxed for about an hour. WAIT! It was then when I realized I had forgotten to grab my camera. I ran back upstairs and grabbed it (Yes I was wearing something again). I sat back down and relaxed again. I thought about how deep I should go and how big the letters were. I descided to go for it! Could I take the pain? Sure I could! I took a deep breath and off I went. The first cut was a little to shallow. It didn't hurt almost at all which was a big relief. I took a picture after the first cut, just because it was really gushing a crison river! Woohoo! I cut the rest of the lines on the 'B' a little deeper and to no suprise I got lots of blood! YEAH! I finished the 'B' up with little problems and took another picture. I started on the 'M' and it just wouldn't cut as easily, I think it was a thicker area or something. I had to go over that area a couple times, it started to hurt a bit more after that part! It bled only a little bit and that made me sad. I desided after doing the 'M' that it wasn't going to be all neet and tidey like I'd originally planned. WHich was A-ok with me. I like messy better! So I continued on, this time making it look more like words carved in stone, that pointy kind-of look. Stone-aged lettering. I took another picture and went on words to the 'E'. The 'E' was really easy and quick to do. It bled the most too! I stared at this beautiful pierce of BME love and realized, I'm way to much of a nerd for my own good. I stood up and let the blood seap out and cover my leg with big goey mess. mmm. I grabbed my camera and again snapped a few shots. I decided that really wasn't enough. I sat down again and put on some slayer (yeah YEAH). i grabbed out a piercing needle and jabbled it into my thigh below the BME scar.
OuCh! that bled a bit. I cleaned it up and put a clean and sterile saftey pin through it. OOOh, that looked really really hardcore, I felt really proud. Time for the perfect picture. Hey, stupid camera work!!! OK, when my camera decided to work I set up the perfect picture of it. I stuck the pin through my leg and smeared blood all over the scalpel. Then I took it. OOOh, pretty! After it was done and over, I got up and walked across the hall to the bathroom. By then there was blood all over the floor, Stupid me! So I cleaned up my big mess and ran to the bathroom for the second time. I grabbed a face cloth and some salt water. Here comes the hurting part. Ouch, Jesus! The salt really really stung. It made me fall to the floor going... "fuck fuck fuck" for around ten minutes. After a felt like I could stand up again and aply more salt, I did. This time there was no shock and far less pain. Then I took a shower to refresh myself after a lot of hard work. I thought about how cool this thing looked and how bad ass I am (ha ha ha). I salted it again and then I went for a nice long well desirved sleep. Today I showed everyone at school, they all wanted to puke... ha ha ha... execpt the cool ones like Cate, now she wants me to scar her up! I rule! Jessica aka, your_cure [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: The+lovely+me
Studio: room+of+mine
Location: saskatoon+saskatchewan

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