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When I was 19, I went out one night in my cutoffs and a tanktop to a local park to see if I could get picked up for the night. My cutoffs were very short so that my cock was barely hidden, of course I wasn't wearing any underwear. I walked past a park bench and heard a deep heavily accented voice say, "Come here boy". I turned to see a large man sitting on the bench. He looked at me and said, "sit". The sound of his voice made my cock hard, my nipples erect and my asshole quiver. I went over to him and sat next to him and he immediately started rubbing my left nipple with his thumb. His other hand was on his crotch. Then he slid his hand down to my inner thigh and squeezed hard. I gasped and felt the back of my throat getting dry. His hands were huge and calloused like an auto mechanic. He took a cigarette from behind his ear with his other hand, reached in his pocket for a lighter and lit the cigarette. His other hand was pulling my rock hard cock out of my cutoffs and before I knew it he touched my cock with the burning end of his cigarette. I was shocked with pain but it also felt good in an intense way. I was his and he knew it. He grabbed my hand and led me back to his car, drove me to his house and almost dragged me inside, stopping only to remove all of my clothes and lock them in his car. Once inside he slapped my face and told me to stand in front of him as he sat down. He then proceeded to pinch my nipples and stroke my cock until I got hard. He then held my cock hard and started burning it with another cigarette. He dragged that burning cigarette up and down the shaft of my cock slowly even on the tip of my cock. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry and I was breathing heavy. I was standing there submitting to this!! This complete stranger was burning my cock with a lit cigarette and I was enjoying it but in incredible pain at the same time. He asked me if I wanted him to stop and from somewhere inside me I heard someone say "NO". It was me but it wasn't me. I was scared but I wanted it to happen. I said, "DO IT" without even knowing what I meant by that. He grabbed my cock and pulled it, stretched it started tracing out a capital "D" on the shaft close to the base of my cock. He was going much slower now and the pain was much more intense. I was gasping and moaning as I could feel my skin blister and burn. But the more it hurt, the faster my heart pounded and forced adrenalin through my veins. I couldn't stop, I wouldn't stop. After a while it was over and he bent me over and fucked me. He poured some vodka over the burnt tissue and OUCH, did that ever sting. After a few days I noticed that a scar in the form of a capital D was forming on my cock. This frightened me at first but after that I thought that it looked neat. About two weeks later, I met him again in the park. I went over to his house and we did the next letter of what turned out to be his first name..DAVID. That second time it seemed as if I was caught up in an inevitalble process that could not be stopped. I was able to submit better the second time since I knew what was going to happen. And the submission itself is half the rush. I still felt weird the next day, wondering what the hell I was doing to myself but also remembering the biggest adrenaline rush of my life. I felt scared, guilty, panic and yet liberated and free. And I was back there the next week and the week after that. I now have the name DAVID burned on to the shaft of my cock on top and on the sides Aaron and Chove, which stand for his middle name and some of his last name Chovensky. I still see him on occasion although he is quite old now. He was in his fifties when I me him 17 years ago. His names have faded but can still be seen when I am semi-hard. It took months to get those scars but I can remember every letter. It was the most incredible experience of my life!!!!! I learned so much about who I am from that experience. Since those days I've gotten into tatooing and piercing (I wear seveal cock rings, including a Prince Albert) and I've allowed two other guys to burn their names onto my buttocks. But nothing matches the overwhelming rush of that first night with David, the adrenalin, the near-panic, the intense fear while submitting. So many mixed emotions became a part of my pleasure repertoire that night. As I said I still see David whenever he wants me. He is my liberator and I will always be his slave. He created me and he will own me until the day he dies.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: David
Studio: at+home
Location: at+home

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