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Buff Puffs Hurt!

Buff Puffs are not good for scarification. Just some background crap. I am 15 years old and this is my third scar. All of my scars are self done, and I enjoy body modification so much. I have become addicted to it, and it is just a great way for me to express myself in different ways. My first two scars came out okay. The first one had to be redone, and I still have to redo it again. This ones is on my left inner akle. Its a 4-point star with two other stars diagnoaly around it. Like Orion's belt, the constalation. The second scar is another 4-point star, and it is on my right foot. It is on the bone, just under my big toe. I found this place to be a painful spot to do a scar, but that is because I must wear shoes and socks. My first attempt at this one seems to be successful. My third scar is a small lightening bold on my left elbow. It is about an inch big, length wise, and about half an inch wide. I find it rather cute. To make this scar, I found a really sharp sewing needle, and boiled it. Then i cleaned my arm, multiple times, with antibacterial soap. After i felt the needle was disinfected, I removed it from the water and placed in in a paper towel. I went into my room with a towel, paper towel and clean sewing needle. Tools of the trade! I began to free-style scratch my elbow. I was not sure what design i was going to do to my elbow, I just let my subconcious pick the design. It turned out to be a lightening bolt. I liked this one particularly because of the shape of it. I have been thinking about turning the lightening bolt into an "s" and making it say "stars" with a star as the "a" but I am still not sure on that one.
Anyway, the day after I first cut my bolt, I decided it was time to scrub. I scrubed with toothpaste and a new toothbrush. My arm was still a bit sensitive, and still is, so this hurt a little but I quickly got over it. I scrubed for about 30 minutes. I then wipped off the left over paste, and dried off my arm. I then put on a long sleeve teeshirt and went to bed. The next night, I took a shower and thought I would scrub my arm in the shower. To me this was a good idea because my elbow bled alot the night before, and I had a rather large mess to clean up. While in the shower, I had realized I left my toothbrush and paste on the counter. "No big deal" I thought because I had a buff puff in the shower. BAAAD IDEA!! I took some DIAL soap and this little buff puff and proceeded to scrub my elbow. This felt really good and I bled ALOT! My tub had blood red water in it. That kind of grossed me out to be standing in blood red water up to the top of my foot. Of course this was not all blood, but it was still alot. My elbow was really sore after scrubbing it with the buff puff, but I was pleased because I thought I had done a good job of abusing my scar. Wrong. The next night I used the buff puff again because I thought it had worked so well. So I scrubbed the crap out of my elbow. The next moring, 4 days after the iniital scratching, and my elbow was incredibly sore. I had over scrubbed it with the buff puff. The puff was so rough, it scratched some of my skin around the lightening bolt. Oh the pain all day long. My shirt would catch a bit on my scab and ow! And if i just ever so gently placed my elbow down, it hurt. My boyfriend could not even hug me, for he was afraid he would hurt my arm. It has now been over a week, and I am back to my toothbrush and toothpaste. Buff puffs are EVIL!!! My scabs are gone, except the lightening bolt itself, and my healing is going great. I really like this one alot, and I feel it's worth the extra pain. I am quite happy with the results, and I am looking forward to having this little scar for the rest of my life. I would like to remind everyone reading this and thinking about getting a body mod, that it is a permanent thing and you should think about it carefully. Do not do it because it is just a fad. You must want and need this. It should fulfill something for you, and it should not be just for show. It's more of a spiritula thing and should be taken seriously.
Thanks. jeN


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: jeN
Studio: jeN%27s+room
Location: lameland+florida

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