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A brand - new self-done scar

Never thought I'd have the guts to brand myself. Then again, I don't know. My fear of scalpels and cuttings kinda meant that if I wanted a self-done scar, I'd have to find another way of doing it! And it had to be self-done, for two major reasons; firstly because there is nowhere around here that does scarification [you'd be thrown in a padded cell for asking] - I live in a small town in Australia. Secondly because my body's been screwed with enough by the so called professionals in this town who can't pierce. I'm an artist and have so far done a better job [with piercings] on my own, so doing something to myself didn't really worry me. The idea I had for a design was simple. What I really wanted was the rune 'lagu' which basically stands for water, the moon, female energies, to name a few things. I adore water and the moon, and I'm female, so why not? It's basically me! I've wanted it as a tattoo or scar for a long time, and it's a really uncomplicated one. I know runes are meant to be carved, but the thought of carving it into myself? Makes me shudder. So I went for a brand. I thought about doing it as one single brand but decided that multiple strikes would be better, not to mention more accurate, and the angles a lot cleaner. I also decided on the inner part of my left calf, about halfway down. I firstly thought of doing it on my foot, but I thought it might hurt more... especially if I had to wear shoes while it was healing! Argh! I got two pieces of wire, one longer than the other, and bent them at right angles so that I had the length I wanted and also a long piece to hold on to. The long piece I bound with linen strips so my hands wouldn't get burnt.I took the two pieces and soaked them for a long time in strong antiseptic. I wanted to make sure they were clean! When I figured they were ready I dried them [using a clean tissue]. I wiped my leg with more anitseptic and lit a candle. I know candles aren't the hottest source of heat, but I had no way of getting anything hotter. Not during the middle of a fire ban, anyway! So I gritted my teeth and started heating the smaller one. I nearly chickened out. It it so hard, psychologically, to purposefully burn yourself. Eventually I stuck it on my leg and well... it hurt like hell!!! I had to go over it a few times too because I was too wussy to heat the metal really red-hot. I sat for little while until my leg stopped stinging as much. Then I heated up the long end. By this time I was getting used to the pain and it wasn't so worrying anymore. The long end worked a heap better. I had to do it a few times though as well, for the same reason. I wiped the area again with antiseptic and dusted it with burn powder. It didn't hurt much but it looked great! Absolutely perfect. Totally reinforcing my faith in myself that I can do a decent job. That doesn't mean that if there's someone qualified near you, you should do mods yourself. Go to the pro's first, they know their stuff. Actually you should always go to the professionals! I won't say it was stupid of me to do it myself, well... not yet anyhow, but if it gets infected or causes complications, then I certainly will! I did find that the next day a few patches weren't as burnt. So I went through the whole process, disinfectant, candle, heat, pain - and re-burnt those patches. Although I found that the pain was nowhere near as bad that time, maybe I knew what to expect? Once again I wiped it with antiseptic and dusted it with powder. It's all pretty even now, there's a nice indent in my skin! It hurts when I walk or move my leg or do something like that, I imagine that it's because the healing skin is stretching. Not fun! I'm keeping a very close eye on it so it doesn't get infected! It's still healing but looks fantastic. I'm not sure how much it will scar yet. I know you're supposed to keep the wound open or whatever so that it scars well, but I really don't want to get an infection!!! I've been dressing it at night and keeping it clean, using fresh aloe vera [great plant that] and antiseptic. As well as toothpaste scrubs [OWW!] so hopefully it'll come up great. Even if it heals over without a trace, I don't care. It's all about the experience, right? Thanks for reading my story!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Me%21
Studio: Bedroom
Location: Australia

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