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Scars with a wire brush OUCH thats pain

Before I start the wholedesciption of why and how i began my scarification i would like to tell you a litle bit about myself. I am 18 years old and have only recently got into the whole bodymod scene when i say recently i mean like a year or so. I have been into the piercing scene since i was 14 however and have been been cutting myself for about 2 years now it all started in a fit of depression when my girlfriend split up with me, as its really of no relavence or intrest I won't go there. Anyways i have recently dicovered that there are other people that scar themselves for the fun of it. I was so shocked as my close friends never seemed to understand it at all. Some of my friends will not even accept my nice normal piercings. They went mental at the rather more unusual piercings i have had done. Nose ampalling was a good exapmle of this but thats a differnt story altogether. So anyway back to the scarring i was well up for doing much more than little cuts now i had discovered others did large artpieces on thier body using knives and other instuments. Since then i have set about designing and carving a rather large design on my left calf. I wanted something similar to my tribal tattoo on the right calf. Anyway the design was finished after 2 weeks of hard sketching and marking then unmarking.Finally the cutting was duely started. I was feeling slightly nervous as i preped my leg. "what if I slip and it all goes wrong" i kept asking myself this right uptil getting the scapel out it was then i decided to go ahead, "if it goes wrong tattoo over it" the voice in my head said. I agreed and so I started doing the outline was fine no extreme pain at all in fact it was great fun to feel the cold blade cutting my flesh. I really enjoyed watching the cut fill with blood however the amount of blood started to become a problem when i had to keep stopping to clean my leg, i couldn't see the design! The design was finished after a very long procedure. I then bandaged it and went to watch a bit of tv. After about half an hour of tv the idea struck me "fill the design it it will look really stricking then." I then went though my tools to find what i could use to get a nice even fill. After quite a lot of deliberation i plumped for a small wire brush. The brush was sterlized then basicly i just brushed hard until there was a nice dent in my flesh. This really hurts and i am sure there is a more sensible way. But i wanted to be sure i got even scarring all over even if it did hurt like a bitch. Any how i did this about 4 to 5 weeks ago and it has almost healed completely (yes i know i heal fast my nose amaling was fully healed in a little under 5 weeks) and it looks great i am know wearing shorts everywhere even though it's winter. I would recomend scarification to everyone who has become bored of tattoos etc as its still not very mainstream. You should see the looks of horror i get from some people, and others give me looks of sheer respect. My friends lean towards the whole horror look, but i had found a nice piercing studio with a cafe where i was accepted straight away and have been asked about my scar,in a friendly way, very often the most common question is, "how long did it take?" I believe this to be due to the intracy of the design. Since hanging out in the studio i have met another guy with a nose ampalling who was great fun to introduce to my friends as they all freaked out when they saw someone else with a nose amapalling. The only thing I dislike is the scars tendency to go a disgusting purple colour when its very cold. However there is nothing i can do to prevent this. I still have the occasional urge to hide my scar as i have done with all the scars on my arms. I think this is just forced habbit as i have now started to let my arm scar be seen as well. I am really happy about this because it means i can wear t shirts again. It was stupidly hard to just wear longsleve tops last summer, far to hot. Any way if anyone has done similar types of scarification and wants to give me tips or ask for tips i would be willing to accept/give them as i am sure nobody knows everything especially me. Also if someone in the United kingdom is intrested in play piercing could they also contact me as my friends don't like me putting needles through myself for fun.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2001
in Scarification

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