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my first branding experience

st experience of scarification was not a pretty one, the first branding i ever got was done by myself in front of the tv with a screwdriver and a small butane lighter, the first mark i made was a sensation i seemed to enjoy and then as the experience continued it seemed to get a little duller and more of an annoying throb, when i finished the brand, i took a good hard look at it and thought "shit, this is gonna look wank!!" it took an age to heal and thought at several stages of the healing process that i would have to go see the doc as it was seeping a pus sort of substance and it stank!! luckily i percivered with it and looked after it the best i could and luckily it had seemed to have healed the only prob with it was no keloid scarring, after all that i thought i might have got a semi decent brand but no!! later on in the year i met up with some bod modders at a tattoo convention in peterbourough they put me in touch with [email protected] modern savage who is well known among branding and piercing circles, so off i trot to see the infamous brander!! what a surprise i got not only was his studio the cleanset ive seen but he was a genuinely decent bloke who sat me down and disscused all the details about getting a branding and the after care of the brand. i decided to go ahead with a brand from him and decided on the design of a swatsika and the placement of it to be on my shoulder. the day of the brand came and i did everything he said ( get plenty of sleep eat well in the morning and stay relaxed)i arrived at the studio and he showed me the iron he had made for me in a sterilised pack, he then shaved the area where the brand was, heated the iron up with what i can only describe as a blowtorch and TSSSSS! there it was a lovely sharp hot sensation which was much less painfull than my home done effort, he then rubbed some sort of powder into the brand he said this would make the scar better, we then cooled down the brand slowly with water and then that was it , the healing time took abot 6 weeks until the scar was completely through and its a lovely dark purple raised scar nice and even. i cant knock it. so the moral of this story is get a geeza who knows what he's doing to burn u before you fuck up ya body for good!! a few questions i get about the branding are why? i say: why not? you choose to do ehat you want to your body why cant i do what i want to mine? did it hurt? yes and no, the initial shock is quite sharp but then as the nerves are burnt it semms more of a nice throb, i suppose thats the endorphins kicking in , some people who i know that have brandings say that it hurts like hell, others say that its an enjoyable experience, personally i think you need to be in the right state of mind, the right place and be sure that this is what you want done and your not getting it to try and be the most extreme as this game is totally futile and youll just end up hating what youve done to your body how do you look after it? the way i was told to look after it was to treat it like what it is, a burn, i chose not to use any ointments or anything harsh on the brand, all i used was neutral anti bacterial soapwith no colour or perfume and bathed it once a day. when the scab took form i was recommended to pick it to encourage the scarring, i did this by soaking it in the bath until the scab was soft and then using the harsh side of one of those textured sponges scrubbed the scab until it was back to the developing skin, this sounds harsh but actually invoved little pain and i think it was worth while as the scar is nice and uniform in colour and texture can it be removed? personally i wouldnt know why any body would want to go through the whole procedure of getting a brand and looking after it for so long just to get it removed but ive heard that they can get rid of the scarring by laser treatment but this still leaves a scar so ive been told. where can i get one? i got mine done at one of the only places in the uk that has been approved by the enviromental health in the uk for branding and to be honest ive never seen anyone advertise it in the uk, but in the states it seems pretty widespread.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: dave+wiper
Studio: modern+savage
Location: wakefield+%2Cengland

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