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My own self sacrifacation/brand

off, I'd like to say that I don't encourage self-branding. It's probably much safer and much more sanitary to have a brand done professionally. So remember that! I was stupid for doing it myself because it hurt a lot and where I did it was not all the clean at all, I did it with no gloves or anything, don't make that mistake. I'm twenty-two and I've been into body modification for about nine and a half years now. I self pierced my nostril a the age of thirteen, I took out my nostril piercing and I pierced my septum at age fifteen, I did my nipples when I was 17 which that itself is a whole different story but I did them by myself (yes it hurt ALOT), and went on from there. I discovered quite early on that I enjoyed the action of being pierced. I had gotten my first tattoo of a black rose on my right shoulder about a two years ago but I've always wanted more and I was really interested in body modification but my parents always forbid it until I moved out, I didn't want to move out but that was the only way! So a friend and I decided to move in together as roommates :) Me being stupid (as I still am) wanted to do it by myself that way no one could bug me if I chickened out or something or if I changed my mind halfway through I wouldn't seem stupid. So of course I locked myself in the bathroom of my brand new home. I took an exacto knife with me, a cloth and I sat in the bathtub in very shallow water for the blood wouldn't get all over the place because my room mate would kill me! I was planning on carving a pentagram in the mid top section of my chest, I wasn't sure how to do it so I just planned on carving off the first few layers of my skin in the shape I wanted and then I'd put a bandage over it and It would leave a nice scare... So I drew what I wanted on my chest where I wanted it and prepared for what I was going to do. I was really nervous, I thought maybe I would kill myself but cutting too deep! I started cutting at first it hurt WAY more than I thought but after a while I guess my chest went numb because I couldn't feel it... blood was just pouring out of where I had cut, I was afraid I had cut too deep when I was finished. VERY gently I washed where I had cut although it was still bleeding lots and I had dry blood all the way down my stomach. It was hard to cut exactly where I wanted it so I was scared about how I would look. I put a large bandage on it and taped it on with medical tape, by now I was feeling the pain of what I had just done. Within the hour after that I had to change the bandage four times because the blood was soaking through but eventually it scabbed up and didn't bleed as much but I could barely move, it hurt so much! About a week later it was really badly infected so I started cleaning it more than usual, eventually it started to look like a scar and to me, now it looks wonderful! I had to wear a high neck shirt for along time though because I didn't was my parents knowing about it until it healed a little bit because it looked like a horrible cut at first. It was when I was over at my parents house visiting them that they found out because I was going swimming in their pool and I completely forgot what I had done and I wore my bathing suit. As soon as my mom looked at me the first thing she said was "What the f*ck did you do to your chest???!!!" Then I realized she had seen it and I told her I had gotten it done quite awhile ago, she was really mad at me for along time but I think now she doesn't mind it that's much but whenever she sees it she says I belong in a psychiatric ward. My parents now think I'm nuts but I don't care, my roommate was mad when she found out I had done it in the bathtub too, but I don't care what anyone thinks! I love it and I'm glad I did it; I just wish now that I had gotten it done professionally because it would look a lot better then it does now. If you're planning on doing it yourself I strongly advise you contact a professional first!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: Bath+Tub
Location: My+Home

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