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X Marks The Spot

I've always been fascinated by the letter 'X' I don't know exactly why but I've always found an X to be a very beautiful letter. I am always thinking of ways to adorn my body with them.Though I am not obsessed. I just think the X have a big signifigance towards me and my life. And in a strange way I guess, I wanted to share that with everybody. I also loved the idea of always having my "X's" on me. But then it's each to their own right. Before I would of never of thought of scarification as a way to express this sort of my creativity. Then the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be the perfect way(I never thought a tattoo of my X's would look good, for some reason or another) So after quite a few days of thinking it through (I wanted to make sure this what I want). I finally decided I would do it. I decided on a design, a few X's on my right wrist. And that I was going to do it myself... I probably already know what some people will think when they see this, that I am going to do it myself. That it's irresponsible and careless and all the negitive stuff. But you know what, I have a fair understanding as to what I am doing. I would never do something to myself I am not comfortable with. Hey, I pierced my own lip with no problems. And it lasted quite awhile before I had to take it out. That's another story though.

Anyways, I was going to do it, no other way about it. Well when I felt ready, I got the stuff I needed. Peroxide,some paper towels (for the bleeding),a sharp razor blade, some bandaids,heh :) and my design in mind. I sat on the floor in my room and went to work. And I laid out all the supplies I was using. I rubbed my wrist and the knife down with and planned out where I was going to put my design.I was deciding to cut one big X and four little x's at each end of the big X. Which came to the total of the number 5, well one of my fave numbers at all. I also love the number 3, but I didn't think I wanted 3 X's. It was more difficult than I had anticipated at first. It was bleeding quite a bit which was making it harder to see where the X really ended. So I had to clean the blood off my wrist and wait until it had subsided.Then I started cutting my smaller x's. Surprisingly through it never really hurt, there was apin. But a somewhat enjoyable pain. Which is a bit strange for me because I have never really enjoyed pain like that. As for having problems. The only problems I had was to recut the bigger X to make it a bit deeper. That was the only remotely painful part that was a bit unbearable at times for me. That was it for problems. When the bleeding had finally stop completely I checked it to make sure I had cut right. Everything seemed to be aligned properly, and I was satisfied with what I had done. As for aftercare, I didn't really do anything, and I am not doing anything to it now. Because I was to promote the scarring. So I never put any creams or anything on it. For the first few days it was a bit red and stung, but it was bearable, and it took a few days for it to actually start scabbing. That is where it is now. So I am not sure if it will leave a permanent scar yet or not. I am hoping that it will. Now, as for doing it myself. I think if you have a clear understanding as to what you are doing, how to do it and what the outcome might be. You'll be perfectly fine in what you are doing. All in all I don't think you should do something just to believe you think you are cool or want to feel like you are an 'original' Because it's not cool,it's not a fashion statement, and it's not going to make you an instant original. You have to do that,as you know (I hope) it will be a permanent part of you. Always remember it is forever. You should do it because it has a signifigance to you, like what I did. Ok I am done my preaching now. :) So if you would like, E-mail if you have any questions or anything you want to ask me. I'll be happy to answer you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+Bedroom
Location: Oshawa%2COntario

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