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ear, I wrote an article for BME about all my tattoos and piercings until then. But the story of my quest to express individual identity through body decoration and adaptation goes on... Branding and scarification was an important angle of my "BME travels", and much of the published material was fascinating. Although I didnt see an actual design of interest, certainly both the emotional and physical experiences of others was, to some extent, an additional inspiration. In January, I contacted Patrick of the London Piercing Clinic who was very approachable and professional. For many years, I have had a cultural and semi-political affinity with the KwaZulu tribe of Natal in Southern Africa, especially their quest for independence and integrity from both white and other black races, so when Patrick suggested a design from this source, this was something I could readily identify with. The logo consists of two triangles; one inverted on top of a standard with matching horizontal and vertical lines. As I am heavily tattooed already, siting could have been a problem but, as it turned out, it wasnt. My right shoulder blade suited perfectl, over a bit over 2cm square. On a wet Sunday evening in early February, I turned out for the procedure to be done with some trepidation, but a lot of confidence in both the outcome and the meaning. Patrick is an-ex field medic in the South African armed forces and knows a thing or two about pain control. So had I been on a pain trip, I would have been disappointed! Patrick locally cauterized the skin and then commenced the brand. Apart from a little tingle and a bearable smell of burning flesh, there was no discomfort whatsoever, much less than any tattoos or piercings, still less the dentist! The brand took less than an hour, and I am really thrilled with it! As the following weeks have progressed, the redness has given way to a pink-white contrast to my fair skin and even the most conservative types at my local gym-health club in a snooty area have expressed some genuine admiration! Never one to take my experiences in halves, I had decided- to take place in the same evening- to get a Reverse Prince Albert piercing done on my penis Already, I had an ordinary PA and Ampallang bar. Last year, as readers of my earlier BME article will know, I had an Apadravya done. The piercing itself was fine but, unfortunately, the bar was to flimsy to be really functional in my other main obsession in life other than body modification, namely sex! So I asked Patrick to use the existing hole, what was left of it, which was clearly visible in the centre of my front cock head (Im circumcised), and then of course the new thick circular ring would come out of my uretha, alongside my existing PA ring which fits behind my frenulum at the back of my dick. Happily, Patrick was meticulous to detail, as usual, especially as the fitting had to by-pass my Ampallang bar, going left to right across the top shaft. The effect is great, and neither I nor my sex partners have any reservations! A few months ago, I decided to resume an old project, namely to get a Lorum piercing for the bottom of my penis shaft, above the pubic hair, with the intention of a permanent cock ring to encase the bottom of my dick at a later date. I already had a similar hole at the corresponding position on the back of my dick, which had extended nicely on holiday in the sun in Spain a few years back now, but I dont want the large ball-enclosure ring to slip, hence the need to have the "connection" at the front. I went to my old friend Richard at Cold Steel in Camden Town and, after stripping off, he and I discussed the optimum siting of my newest piercing, and a thick little bar has now been inserted there for future redevelopment! Which brings me to my latest tattoo. I loved the old movie CABARET with Liza Minelli, set in pre-war "anything goes" Berlin. On a recent business trip there, I decided to get a cool "hostess with the mostess" design done on my left calf. I would wholeheartedly recommend ACE of FANTASY TATTOO, Adalbertstrasse/Ecke (corner) of Waldstrasse 41, 10999, KREUZBERG (call (030)-614 98 98). Please be assured that I am talking as a "punter"-there is no commission in this for me. I went to see ACE, who speaks reasonable English, and we discussed the right adaption of several relevant female flash. ACE then very carefully and thoughtfully drew up the right design and angle, with an impressive array of colours including red, blue, grey, white, pink-blush and more; the result is extremely impressive which is not too surprising given the length of time ACE very kindly spent on both the right concept and tatooing my inside left leg itself. The studio is situated in a grubby, but compelling, area of West Berlin near the old Berlin Wall. After my new tattoo, I strolled in the hot sun stripped to my very tattooed chest and waist along the old border line. In the old days, this would of course have been a "death strip" in more ways than one! What of the future? Well, my final tattoo (well, I say "final" now...) will probably be in Gothic script, at the back of my penis, the word MUTINY or maybe MUTINEER. I hope to find a good tattooist to do this, any suggestions please?, as although it wont be my first artwork in this delicate location, nonetheless it will obviously have to be good... That, coupled with extending the Lorum discussed earlier, is my body modification goal this year but, for 2001 and beyond, well- if youre still interested- watch this space... Best regards, NICK Your user-friendly, individualist, yuppie with a host of tattoos, piercings and now a branding


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Scarification

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Studio: Norbury
Location: London%2C+England

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