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Scars of a Vampyre

So you want to know my story? Greetings BME readers.My name is Starla. The expierience you are about to read is about scarification. Now I would typically just tell you about my cutting with a razor as to entertain you, and in your hope as for me to hit a nerve and be in horrible pain, but I strongly feel I should tell you more about myself as so you will understand my ways better. Let's begin, shall we? To first begin, I am 15 years old, too young you say to have piercings or to cut ones self? on the contrary. Obviously the ones who think that, are severily close minded. I have had fifteen piercings. Labret, eyebrow, navel, tongue, nose and numerous ear piercings. All, except for my ears, unfortunaly had to be taken out due to infection in which I had to be hospitalized for three days. I happen to despise hospitals, so it was a great inconvienence. The reason, If you wonder, I had gotten those piercings, was not just to see or taste the blood, most of those had no blood spill or drip out. Mostly, I loved the shear appearence of, and beauty of. I Live in the small suburb of Pittsburgh, where nothing happens what so ever, and Punk and Goth and becoming trends, that annoys me. But there is something else you should know about me, I'm a Vampyre. Not the fictional kind either. As for my physical appearence, To be quite frank I almost look like a punk, I have short black spikey hair with a tint of purple in it, and piercing green eyes. And I am very much intersted in male Vampyres seeking a mate :)~

Now on the the expierience. I first dicovered I loved the taste of blood about a year ago. But this expierence is not my becoming a Vampyre, it is about the scars and how my scrification came to be. So with that in mind, I shall continue.

With my unusual craving for blood,which is really not unusual at all, I cut myself without pain, just lines, mostly on my arms,legs, occasionally even my stomache when I feel the urge. With razors, exacto knives, sometimes even glass, all for blood. Before the cutting, I am usually quite relaxed, occasionally on one of my depressed moods, but rarely, I wouldn't want to get tears in my eyes and them fuck up my design, or hit a vein on accident.

I had been going to BME everyday, once at day At least, and then it finally hit me,I went in to the scarification picture gallery once more, I can descibe what I felt then with one simple word: Wow. instead of just carving lines that didn't have much art to them, I saw the most beautiful designs, even though most artists would say that cutting isn't even art, or the lowest form of art, I would strongly disagree. Now I am becoming quite good at these carvings, so far, I have carved designs on my ankle,such as interconnecting lines, and 'SV' on my other ankle in memory of the late Sid Vicious, My inspiration for playing the Bass Guitar. All of the objects/symbols I have carved into my body have been very close to me in one way, shape or form. The healing process normally goes fine, the scars normally heal quicker than I would want them to. The first day after the carving/cut, the carving/cut is normally red and it hurts to touch, the second day it normally begind to scab. The deeper you cut, the better the scar/cut looks and heals. The one thing that does depress me about being a vampyre, is that I have only spoke online to people who sadly only 'claim' to be Vampyres. FAQ 1. Why would you do this? do you have some repressed feelings that are not yet resolved, and so you have a need to cut yourself? Please read the paragraph. Damn physicatrists. 2. What is the most memorable piece of art on your body? Hhmm...probably all the art on my ankle, It bleeds the most, and is the easiest to carve into, it's beautiful. 3. What are your future plans for you body modification? I plan to get both of my nostrils pierced, and industrial and a conch on my right ear, and my hood pierced. And of course continue with my vampiric habits. I leave you with this, for all of those that told their Vampyre habits were wrong or discrimnated against, it is not wrong, there ARE people out there like yourself, and here is the proof.

I Thank you for reading my story, for all of you single male Vampyres out there, I strongly encourage you to email me :)~ ~Pandora~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 July 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Mostly+in+my+room
Location: Pittsburgh

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