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X marks the spot

le background information: I'm an 18 year old white female, i live in Salem mass (the witch city) I am ChaosSatanic, and very proud of it, i have another post here, its about my septum, which by the way healed wonderfully, and my parents still haven't noticed (insert evil laugh here), now I love my boyfriend, but he is SO against body modifiations its absurd, I think he would look damn sexy with an eyebrow or a labret piercing, but he says 'If God wanted you to have holes in your body, he would have put them there' but If ones body is a temple then the modifications are adorments, and I have never seen an unadorned temple now on to my most recent experiment in body modification I've been thinking about branding, for about a month and a half, when i get these wonderful ideas in my head they DON'T leave me alone until i do them, so I made up a little thingy out of a metal coat hanger, in the shape of an 'X' I secured all the pieces together with little rubber bands (VERY STUPID) i heated it up over an open burner, and multiple elastics came winging off and hit me, and then i chickened out, so i heated it again, and gently taped it against my ankle, i jumped probably about eight feet, so i heated it again, and taped it on the heal of My hand, this was defiantly an interesting feeling, then i realized branding wasn't for me. but I had my heart set on having 'X's on my ankles, so i found my trusty straight razor, sterilized it with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and ran that on my ankle trying to get it through the skin, that did not work, so i grabbed my mothers pearing knife, sterilized that with the rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and tried with that. I was rewarded with a thin line and a tiny drop of blood, so i ran the knife over the same spot again and again and again, but to on avail, so what if I'm impatient. so i ran and got my exacto knife blades, and sterilized them with the rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and pushed down and ran it over the little line probably 24 times. then I realized that i had yet another line to do, so I just jumped to the exacto knife, and let me tell you, knowing that you are mutilating your self is one of the best rushes you can get, so I sat and watched the blood bubble out of my new wound, or body modification as I like to call it. I'm still on my little adrenaline rush I feel like I'm floating. so now that I'm oozing blood all over my mothers brand new kitchen table, it finally hits me, I did it! I now know I am my own possession! yay! I thought about adding some red wine vinegar to it to make the scar pink and white, but decided against it, as i type the cuts sting like hell, but its a great feeling to know that's its self inflicted stinging and bleeding. so now that the blood has congealed i plan to pick the crap out of it so ii get me a pretty little scar, on both ankles on the inside my new X's will be a reminder to my self that I am my own person and no one can change me. after I finished my cutting, i went to lunch, which helped get my mind off the fact that I had just done somethign so wonderfull to my body, when I got home, I went in the Jacuzzi, I will admit it felt amazingly good,( in a stinging hot way)

heres a few FAQ:

why did you choose 'X's? because its a simple symbol that I have always liked, I guess it just reminds me that my body is a temple, MY temple, but I have yet to see a temple unadorned. what the hell were you thinking? i was thinking that my ankles were the throats of all the idiots that asked that question. not really, but sorta, i was in need of a way to prove to myself that i was my own person did it hurt? no not at all, having a super sharp piece of metal being slowly dragged through your skin is a pleasurable experience, especially when you put the rubbing alcohol in it! basically i f ANYONE ever wants to do a self scarification go for it! be what you want to be! the next thing to do will be to tell my boy friend, and if he takes it well then you might be hearing from me again, and if he takes it poorly then you might be hearing from me agian also! e-mail me with any questions or comments good luck - memnoch


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Moi
Studio: sitting+atop+my+kitchen+table
Location: salem+mass

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