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Ritual Branding

ore you read this please let me note, that I am not a proffesional, and that my methods are my personal beliefs, and do not represent a "right" way of doing things* This "experience" is slightly different than most. In this experience I did not recieve a cutting, or branding, but I preformed a ritualistic branding on someone who was refered to me by a friend. I met this person, who I'll call Crystal, at my friends work. She explained exactley what she wanted to me, which was a fairly large sun-type design on her lower back. Apparently this symbol was one of wealth and well being in some sort of "group" she was involved in. At first I was skeptical as to why she really wanted this burned into her back, I had noticed several small cut marks on her left forearm, which led me to believe that she was self-destructive. I always refuse to work on people who are suicidal, or self-destructive, a branding, or cutting should be something that is beautiful or holds meaning, not just another way to demolsish yourself. I asked her what these were from, and she told me a fairly long story of almost her entire life (I wont get into it), but in conclusion, I decideed that I agreed with her intentions for this branding. So then I explained what she needed to do before the procedure. She needed to eat well, I dont know how many times I can tell people how important this is, dont drink, do drugs, get a good nights sleep, DONT take diet pills such as metabolife etc, and I probably should have told her not to drink coffee, but until recently (thanks to the question of the moment thingy) I did not know that it caused hightened nerve sensitivety. We scheduled the procedure for the following saturday night. I went out and picked up all the usuall things i use, (I find these things to work best for me, if you dont agree with them, fine but I dont want to know about it) neosporin w/ pain relief, gauze pads, surgical tape, a razor, bactine, a surgical marker, and my modified soldering iron and (if requested) EMLA. In this paticular branding anesthetic was not used. Also, the reason I use neosporin with pain relief, is because (I believe) that it makes a friendly enviroment for a freshly burned piece of skin, which will make sure there are no complications in the healing process, ad it also helps a little with the pain (but if your worried about and your getting a branding...dont). So the night came, and we all gathered at my friends house, in the living room. I laid out all the instruments, and told crystal to remove her shirt (no im not a perve, if you could see the size of this thing you would understand), and lay down across an ottoman type thing, I cleaned the entire area with some rubbing alcohol, then shaved what little hair was present. Then I recleaned the area with bactine, then dried it, and had one of my friends trace on the design. She checked in a mirror, and a polaroid, and then we began. I let the iron heat for a few seconds, tested its temperature, and began at the very top of the design. During the entire period she only flinched once, wich was a surprise to me. Periodically I let her check the design to make sure she liked it, and usually she wanted the burn to be thicker, but I told her that this was not a good idea as the scars usually "bleed" together while healing. When I was finished I covered the area in neosporin, and gauze pads for about 3 hours, and then removed them to let the scaring process begin. Its been about 7 months now since the branding, and a very nice raised pink (i think it could be more colorful) scar, the only problem(?) is that its a tad bit thicker in bottom left corner, which seems to bug me more than her. All in all i was pleased and so was she (which is what counts) with the final result of this branding. If your considering getting a branding please please please go to a proffesional studio, and do not use this experience as a guide to branding, its not, its just my personal way of going about it, and I am not a proffesional! And the one reason I did not incude an age in the "profile" of this experience is because I believe that age is nothing but a number, and that it all has to do with maturity level, and your all around conciousness and behavior. Thanks for reading this. Stay real, have fun, and dont let the man get'cha down.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: A+Friend%27s+House
Location: California

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