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yes, burning yourself HURTS.

uldn't believe how many ask the same stupid questions about some things. "did you do that on purpose?" no shit. "did that hurt?" well here, let me give YOU a second degree burn, you tell ME if it hurts! and the big one: "why?" well, my reasons were mainly: desire for a permenant mod, desire to try branding. this is the story of the first two brands i've done so far. first, my mods: 1 inch stretched earlobes (with BEAUTIFUL lucite plugs from bme's jewelry store [the exotic body], i HIGHLY recommend them to anyone), 14 gauge self done nipples, and the two brands. one night, i was looking around bme, just like i do almost every night. and i started looking at the scarification section. and i thought to myself, "you've tried ink rubbing, why not try branding?" and i thought at first, that's silly, i can't do that, i don't even want to... but once the germ got into my head, it blossomed. so, i started with the simple "smiley". this is using only a cigarette lighter for a brand. the name comes from the way it looks at first. so, i get out my lighter, flick it, and let it heat up. my nerves are starting to get to me... and i realize, crap, where am i doing this? i quickly decide on my inner left wrist. so i quickly tap the lighter against my skin. OW. that fucking hurt. instantly, i could see the initially burnt flesh... it was red, and raised slightly. so i'm looking at this, and thinking, damn, this hurts, but it looks pretty good. so i think, maybe i should try doing something a little more meaningful? so i start thinking. i'm a huge tool fan, that band means so much to me. and i think of their song "H". and i decide i want to do an H. its simple, is a nod to tool, and stands for "half empty". i grab a paperclip and some pliers, and start bending. instead of just bending the clip into the whole letter, i give it two bends, one for the vertical line, and one for the horizontal. so i'm ready again. i decide to move up on my left forearm. i use the lighter to heat up the paper clip, and make the first vertical line, using the quick tap method, since i didn't have the balls to just shove it into my skin. same painful sensation, same raised red burn mark. i made the horizontal line, and then the last vertical line. i was AMAZED at how good this was looking.

the next day, ran into a problem. these are second degree burns. second degree burns have burn blisters. when the burn blisters are opened, it hurts like FUCK. so i spent half an hour in an all new excruciating pain. but, over the next few days, they both scabbed over and healed up nicely. i did some touch ups on the smiley, to make it more of a filled in circle, and i redid each line in the H. i don't know if its true of all brands, but my ached. it felt as if i had bruised the skin, like i had a deep muscle ache under them for a couple days. but it passed. for aftercare, i washed them in the shower with Dial antibacterial soap, and i would use the toothbrush method on them... except i modified it slightly. i was uncertain that these would scar well, so twice daily i would apply hydrogen peroxide, and then scrub vigorously at them with a toothbrush covered in hydrogen peroxide. this hurt a little, but not nearly as much as the initial burn, and was much easier to tune out. they would bleed a little from this, but nothing that wasn't easily handled. i would also pick ast them whenever i got a chance. looking at them several weeks later, they are beautiful. they're in that pinkish red stage of healing, and i'm quite confident that they are going to be just as beautiful looking when they're completely healed. of course, there's always a chance that they won't come out as well as i think they will. and in that case, i'm fully prepared to have them rebranded. but i think that if i have to redo them again, i will have a friend assist me. because when you brand yourself, your body has an uncontrollable reaction to pull the iron back. if i have a friend do it, they can press the brand in more, effectively destroying more tissue, and (hopefully) creating a better scar. the response i get far more than any other is usually along the lines of "why do you want to hurt yourself like that?" and i usually explain that i didn't do it for the pain, i did it for the end result. its like getting a tattoo, only different. very few people get tattooed because it hurts, they just put the pain aside because they want the design. and thats exactly what i'm doing. as far as future brands go, i'm going to lay off for a while. i'm only 16, and i know my parents would disapprove of it. i have enough trouble concealing these. i had plans to have a friend do dot brands on the back of my left forearm, but they fell through, and i'm fairly glad, because i know i'm not ready for that yet. i do intend to continue with scarification, lately i've been trying to figure out a multicolered argyle ink rubbing. if you have any questions, feel free to email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: self
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Location: northern+Virginia

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