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worth every moment

I moved away from home (three years now) I have really wanted to get something wild done, like a piercing, or tattoo. So I got my belly button pierced, and my labret on the same day. Since then I have also gotten three tattoos, one of a Chinese fire sign on my shoulder, a tribal dragon armband, and a lower back tribal design. Last year, I decided that I wanted something more than a tattoo, something that would look really different. My friend Jackson, who has been into piercing and tattoos for as long as I have known him, told me about scarification, and showed me some of the work that he had done on other people, and himself. At first I was totally put off, thinking of all the losers in high school that went about digging at themselves with flick knives and stuff, all claiming that 'nobody knew the real them'. But the pictures Jackson showed me, and with his own scarrings, drew me in. He said that if I really wanted one, he would do a small one for free. But me being me, (Little Miss Extreme) had decided that if I was going to get a scarification done, it would be something definitely worth the pain. So I picked out a huge tribal design that covers your back, and made a time to get it done at Jackson's place. I made it for the very next day so I wouldn't chicken out. I got there at about 9am, and I was really keyed up. Too much in fact, and Jackson refused to do any work until I calmed down totally. That took over an hour and a half to do, in the mean time I watched Jackson do some piercing and a small tattoo on a girl who kept saying she was going to pass out. I had to laugh. So in a way that helped. Once he finished with the girl, he cleaned up and got me to lie down on this table he had prepared, and I saw the blades, alcohol and other stuff there. I got a horrible feeling in my stomach, but hopped up anyway. I already had bets from my friend Amy, that I wouldn't go through with it. So, I was going to do this no matter what. Because the design was so large, it took a while for Jackson to trace it onto my skin, so by the time it got to the main event, I was calm again. When he first started, I remember thinking "This isn't so bad, it's like getting a needle or something." But then as he went on, the pain got worse. Not to the point where I was going to black out, but enough so I was hoping that it'd be over soon. No such luck. The design took in total an hour alone to outline properly. There were parts where Jackson had to take out some of the skin, at angles and so forth and I thought it wasn't as painful as he had warned. All the way through Jackson kept asking me if I was ok, and at one point I was going to ask him to stop. But I really did want this done, so I kept telling him I was fine. I did pass out once, for a few minutes, but seeing I had told Jackson if I did, to keep going, I missed one of the worst bits, where he had to pull the skin out of some grooves, right in the center, where it was the most tender. I can't remember exactly how long it took to finish, with all the swabbing and stuff, but Jackson is really good at his work, and I reckon that he did the best job anyone could have done. At the end, he poured alcohol on my back and sort of blew on it, which felt really good compared to being dug at by a razor blade!! When it stopped bleeding heaps, and I felt I could stand up, Jackson showed me what it looked like with these mirrors he kept in his room. Despite the pain, I still think that it's the best thing I have ever had done, and seeing Jackson incorporated the design around the tattoo on my shoulder, it looks brilliant! Admittedly, I had to stay over at Jackson's place that night, (he wouldn't let me drive and wanted to keep an eye on me) and the next morning I felt as though I could barely move, one year down the line, and I don't regret it for a moment. Jackson also uses me as an example of a real "tough chick" as he puts it, to his other clients, and if I am there when someone is asking about scarification, I am always shown off... It's cool, I don't mind being a super hero. Since then, Jackson has gotten into genital piercing, and I am toying with the idea of getting my clit hood done. And seeing I could get through being hacked up by Jackson, I reckon I can get through anything!! If anyone asked me about scarification, I would have to admit, it's not for everyone. Especially, for people with low pain thresholds. But if you think you can take the pain, go for it, I reckon it's worth every penny.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Jackson+Kennedy+%28non+professional%29
Studio: Mako+Body+Art+and+Piercing+%28not+a+real+studio%29
Location: Jackos+spare+room%21

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