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Slave branding

st I have to say that I am a young slave and as long as I can think I was fascinated (and aroused) by PERMANENT body modifications. Piercings, tattoos to show submissiveness.... the more permanent and un-undoable the better. So when I became property of my master I really begged for getting a tattoo. Finally he agreed and I was so happy. Yes, it was great, but no, it was not THAT ultimate sign of me being his slave. Tattoos can be removed by laser, covered, etc. I wanted more! A comic-style book of the famous „the story of o." fell in my hands. There it was: a branding! The initials of the master. Like a farmer brands his cows and horses to show that they are his. A sign everybody understands at once. I wanted that in my flesh. But still I did not really know how to tell him or do it. Next time seeing him smoking a cigarette the idea came up again. Suddenly I was very aroused thinking of him pushing his cigarette against me leaving his marks on my body. I told him what I wanted and he looked on me, understanding. I got on my knees, begged, bend my ass to him and he did it! ... or better: tried to do it. As we discovered a cigarette is not the best thing to perform a branding, because it is not hot enough in all parts to leave a proper writing. And it went out all the time.
By chance, there was a soldering iron next to us he used to do some metal work with. He got the very good idea to use that as a pen to write on me... It made me hot to see that he really cared about me being branded now. The time till it got to working-temperature seemed endless. But then it was ready. I would never have touched it with my fingers, but I got on my knees and my ass bend to my master again at once. The hot iron on me was sweeter than any kiss. I loved it and what it made to my body! I had assumed it would smell like burnt meat, but it didn't. I don't know why. The first result was not very impressive: only light-red skin where had written... when I had a look in the mirror I was disappointed. So he did it again slowlier than the first time when he had been more cautious. Now he wrote deeper, harder, with more passion the letters were imprinted into me. I enjoyed the pain and really wanted it not to stop so fast, but he came to an end again. It was a little bit better to read and I could not make him do it to me again. He finished and put some desinfectant lotion to it. The next two weeks it did feel like a heavy sun-burn and got crust on it. After peeling that off I was very astonished: the letters were readable very clearly, their colour was a mix of brown and little bit red. I felt like a real slave now. From time to time I felt my little secret under my trousers when doing my normal work. I was so happy I could not await to show it to my master. He was astonished about the good result, too. After that going out with him to sm-clubs became even more fun. I am always naked just with my collar so everybody can see that sign. Sometimes people even ask about it and he explains. Our latest play is that he lends me to other masters for anal sex and they leave their sign next to his ( just with a normal pen!). The funniest thing was when I went to a dermatist to examine my black spots (skin-cancer prevention...) and he suddenly told me that he wanted to have a look at me COMPLETELY naked. With a mix of pride and exitement I did as he said. Then I had to turn around and he saw it. I don't know if he sees that very often, but he didn't say anything - greetings to him if he reads bme, too :-) After all there are some hints I want to give to slaves/masters who want to perform anything similar (I came up with these ideas just now writing this text, we didn't think of it but everything went well luckily): 1. Brandings grow bigger as they heal (my letters are 4-5cm high). Write in clear print letters. 2. Let the soldering iron be hot for a long time to kill bacteria on it before writing. 3. Place the branding carefully, skin moves on the body as you move. Best thing is you write it with a pen and have a look where it is when you stand, sit or kneel. 4. Do it! It's fun. P.S. I would like to hear from you (m/f) if you have similar experiences, ideas and/or other slave brandings/ tattoos/slave modifications than just the master's initials - we think about new things to mark me... And if you see a slave with a branding on his right cheek in a Berlin, Germany SM-Club then are not hesitant to ask his master if you are allowed to use him :-) ...or write me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Feb. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: my+master
Studio: home
Location: Berlin%2C+Germany

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