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You did WHAT to yourself?

fore you read this, there is one thing you must understand about me. About once every two or so months, I get an urge to do something really stupid - whether jumping off the roof of our two story house, or attempting to give myself yet another body modification. Well, about three weeks ago, I was getting that itch again. But this time I wanted to do something unique, that nobody else I know has. I was thinking about doing some sort of scarification, or a brand, or something, but I quickly pushed the thought to the back of my head. A few days later, I was baking cookies, and I found a small heart-shaped cookie cutter. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. It was unique, it was stupid - it was perfect. After I went around the house finding supplies - a tube of orajel, listerine, an oil lamp, a hemostat, the cookie cutter, and after taking 4 advil, I was ready. Well, no, I wasn't ready. How can somebody be ready to do something as stupid as I was about to? I was nervous, I was excited, and I was almost euphoric, like I always am before getting a new piercing or tattoo. But this was not piercing or tattoo. This was something totally differant. So differant, I havn't even seen anything about in on BME. Nobody I knew or heard of had gotten a brand on their tongue. And nobody I knew had done a brand with a cookie cutter. But I was bored, and feeling creative. I was ready to go for it. I covered my tongue in orajel, and let it sit until my whole mouth was numb. I lit the oil lamp, rinsed my mouth out with listerine, and picked the cookie cutter up with the hemostat. I put the cookie cutter in the flame, until I could feel the heat conducting up the hemostat. I stuck out my tongue, tried to center the hot heart around my tongue piercing, closed my eyes, and pressed it into my tongue HARD. This was the worst pain I had ever experianced. I could hear salivia sizzle on the hot metal, and I pulled it off my tongue, opened my eyes, and looked in the mirror. There it was - a heart on my tongue, with an out of place eyeball tongue stud in the middle. I immidiatly went into the kitchen to get some ice to suck on, put more orajel on my tongue, and went to sleep, hoping the pain would be gone when I woke up. I finally woke up, and my tongue was swollen, just like it had been when it got pierced. I took more advil, sucked on some more ice, and rinsed my mouth out with listerine.
I continued to take care of my new branding like I would any oral piercing, and here I am almost a month later, loving it. The heart's faded a little, the scar isn't very deep, and I killed a bunch of taste buds, but I acheived what I set out to do. I had some fun, did something unique, and did something stupid. I think it was worth it, but I got completely chewed out by my mom, by my dentist (but the dentist chewed me out for all of my oral piercings too, so what would you expect?) Oh, and when one of my teachers found out about it, I got sent to the school social worker. But no matter what other people think of it, I love it, and isn't that what matters? If anybody's thinking of getting something similiar done, remember a few things : 1. Yes, it did hurt. A LOT. If I had done it AFTER the dentist visit, I could've taken advantage of the novacain shot I got for a cavity. 2. It did kill tastebuds. (This I kind of regret.) If flavor is important to you, don't try this at home. 3. Because its not a common procedure (like piercings have become mainstream) expect normally rational people to react to it negitavly... hey, you can't expect everybody to think its cool. 4. If you have your tongue pierced, before branding it, upsize your bar to a 1". Just because the piercing's healed, you forget that it will hurt when your tongue swells from the brand. I had a hard time removing a nested ball, and then upsizing the morning after the brand. 5. Most of all, be careful. If you want to do something like this, go to a professional. I didn't have any problems with healing, or anything, but I got lucky. And try to find a doctor/dentist who won't freak out at your body mods. It gets old having to explain why you did what you did, and you'll feel stupid if you have to go to a really tight laced doctor because your new brand got infected.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Jan. 2000
in Scarification

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