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Mark Of Eternity

ign of our commitment and love my fiance and I decided to get a scarification done. It was done in my home by a friend of ours who works privately. We were cut with a heated scalpel and as much as it hurt the pain was transandental. Our bond with eachother will forever be part of our beings. We decided on a cutting as opposed to tattoing because it was more spiritual and natural. The design we decided on was one of the oriental symbols of everlasting love and eternity inside a circle which symbolizes our love as ongoing nad neverceasing. We had this done on our chests right over our hearts. The experience was unique in that it was like no pain i had ever felt, but yet it wasn't really pain at all. It was pleasureable in a very extreme and intense form. We are now considering doing one more involving our astrological symbols. We chose to have Savant do the work because he's been a friend of ours for years and we trusted him, as well as wanting it to be an emotional experience which would have been diluted by having someone we hardly knew doing it for us. Before we had it done we spent about 3 or 4 months coming up with the design we wanted and we decided upon the oriental symbolism because my fiance is part oriental and we thought that the oriental cultures have had some of the most intnse body modification achievements (i.e. foot binding) as well as the symbols being beautiful. Before we began Savant rubbed our chests with rubbung alcohol to make sure it was clean, and heated the scalpel to be sure that the scar would turn out well. The first few incisions were so painful that I thought I would pass out, but the further along he got the better it started to feel. He did my cutting first and then my fiances. The month after we had this done was difficult, especially for me being a woman and having to wear a bra. The incisions would bleed and stick to our clothes and sheets and at times the scabs would get ripped off. somedays it hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. Two months after we decided to have it done again to make the scars more prominent. I expected it to hurt worse but it actuallly didn't. I assumed that the wound being fresh and the scar tissue still sensitive that the pain would be increased but it didn't hurt nearly as much as the first time. My fiance and I are both glad we had this done as it seemed an incredibly emotional and sincere way to prove our love for eachother and a way tobe bonded forever. we have something that no one else has and sharing that emotional experience broght us even closer together. We will be getting married in October 2002, hopefully on Halloween and we are thinking of having a bloodletting ritual at our wedding. The experience of scarification is not for just anyone as it is alot more intense, personal and emotional aspects to it than a piercing or tattoo does. And, unlike a tattoo or piercing, it really does stay with you forever, there are no procedures to get rid of them. I would reccomend checking out artists and background info on this deeply and seriously if you are considering getting this done this is nothing to just jump into or do on a whim, we had been thinking and reseqarching this for nearly 7 months before we went ahead and did it. Findidng an artist who does this is difficult as well, and that is another reason that we went with Savant. There are not too many artists out threre who will do this and finding one in your area may be even harder. I know a few other people who have had this procedure done and most of them are thrilled with thier results, a few, sadly, are not. But all of them did it for a strong emotional or spiritual reason, not just becuse it's up and coming or getting trendy. That is deffinately the wrong reason, I believe, to get this done. Our friends and family, although a little skeptical and a few even grossed out at first, now support the decision we made and they all think that it's beautiful in it's odd way. At first we were just going to get matching tattoos but we both have several and we wanted something different. Something that would distinguish itself from the rest of our body art. That was when Savant suggested getting a cutting done instead. We too were a little wary at first. Scarification being so permanent we were worried that t might end up wrong or lopsided or something along those lines and we also didn't know at that time just how safe something like that was. Svant then explained the procedure and we even got to sit in on a session one day to see what it was going to be like.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Jan. 2000
in Scarification

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Artist: Savant
Studio: my+home
Location: NY

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