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tummy branding below the naval

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6 years ago i was going through a passage of self. it was in dealing with sacrifice and the changing of fates. i placed a large kitchen knive over the flames of a gas stove until it was white and red and with all that was brave and decided within me i touched it flatly to my skin above my pubic hair the tip of the knife touching a freckle directly below my naval. the pain was so intense for me that i was in another place for an instant that was different than any other reality i had known. rushing back into myself, my usual existance, i tore away the knife in almost the same moment it made contact. i curled inward and laid on my kitchen floor screaming, release and and power found through the act of the branding and through the weeks of slow healing. one of my jobs was as a "dancer" and i had to conceal the mark with was 9 inchs long and 1 wide. as i danced, under the mesh and corset i wore , it rubbed open the wound and eventaully it look very irratited and turn an infectiuos looking green. my father caught glimpse of it one night when i was getting ready for work, i had to dried it with a hairdryer after bathing so it wouldn't stick so much to the bandages. he was very pissed and did'nt understand, although he himself is a top and approved of me doing many things including domanitrixing. after he was over being angry, he said it look like i had gangreen and told me that in nam, they used bleach in bath water to fight away infection. so i tried it. hmmm, used to much bleach. recieved a chemical burn in addtion to the intial one. it dried out very well after that and started to actually heal. the next self inflected scar i have will involve ink. i have done scarification/branding for others as well as piercing. if anyone knows any tested ways to fashion sturdy corsets for body mod. that are not too expensive please email me. i have peirced myself, i clit hood three times and like the feel and look of it. it was not nearly as painful as i had expected but the blood made things veryslippery. i sat on my bathroom floor "indian style" holding a mirror with my toes. i used needles/caths 14 gauge that my father had taken from his work at a hospital. i did not use a clamp, which would have been more painful. unfortunately i did not remove the plastic cover (the part left in a vein for i.v.) and had to redo it right after the first penatration. no i was not high, just eager and careless. but also driven. so i did it again and did it right. looks lovely now. but i reccomend having someone with you or at least making one other person aware of what you are doing with yourself so under any circumstance that you may find yourself, respect for your process of self change will be held, like if you became unconsceince for example and someone found you, that they wouldn't undo what you are attemping to do or freak out too much. the scar i am withing to create next will be on my foot, the bottom and sides of my foot. i have a tattoo there done by some 14 year old during a farewell party in my hometown before i moved to portland. it was nice as could be expected and i still like it. i will be embarking on a journey into america as a van dwelling transient with my lover and i have asked her to alter the tat with scarification of some sort and ink. if we can post pictures here i will send photos of the branding and later the foot scars. she wants to dread her hair and if anyone know a pleasant way to do this please share your experience with us. also if you know of friendly places through the southern states for counterculture persons feel free to pass on information; places to visit and the like, it would be greatly appreciated, must it must be kid friendly as well. being on the road i will not be able to respond as much to emails but i won't be leaving for another month, so until then i will do my best to reply today is the first week of september 1999. my mother had bouts of self mutilation through childhood and into adult life. i belive there to be a distinct difference between cutting yourself up because you need to relive truama and knowingly thoughfully changing yourself phsically for betterment of soul and aesthetics. one destruction and the other creation. she has come to terms with her complusions and although i have tried to express to her my feelings on body art, she is unwilling to listen. i am not bothered by this so long as she chooses not to harm herself and shows me love , i am happy. i would very much enjoy having photos sent to me of any and all forms of scarification and body altering so if you have the need to share your beauty, please send your photos and i will do what i can to reciprocate your kindness. thank you for taking in my words, may they find you in health and happiness.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: myself
Studio: in+my+home
Location: portland+oregon

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