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BDSM Branding

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I have only recently ventured into the world of Control as a Master. The Internet has provided a means of linking with submissiveindividuals looking for what I have to offer. I have a program of servitude for those individuals who want enslavement but need a Master sensitive to personal limitations, imposed by geography, station in life, or what have you. But since a Master/Slave relationship requires balance to remain meaningful to both, early in the development of the program I decided that a symbol was required to prove actual commitment to the Master as well as allow a slave to focus upon in moments of weakness or doubt. After careful consideration, I decided that the symbol should be permanent and steeped in ritualism. The actual afixing of the mark would carry heavy taboo and morality weight for the slave and the ritualism played to a stimulating scene. After considering tatoos and piercing, I opted for branding. The brand needed to address obedience,commitment, loyalty, sacrifice, servitude and abandonment of will, (characteristics I describe as The Six Sides of Slavery) which together make up a true Slave as I envision him/her. The symbol I chose was the six sided shape of the Hexagon. This too lent itself to a universal availability as the branding iron is readily procured by slave candidates as a commonly available machine nut, 2" in size. The center of the nut would accomodate the tip of the index finger passing through it. All brands have to date been self-administered by the Slave which speaks to the depth of commitment and/or turn on experienced by the participants. The location which I find most signifigant and suited to this purpose is the pubic mound, immediately above the labial crevice or penis. The pubic hair is removed (I prefer all my slaves denuded below the neck of all hair) as it only interferes with a clean brand and smells of burning protien. I invite my slave to assist in the development of the scene surrounding the branding as I believe the more powerful the ritual, the less pain experienced by the individual. I don't object to multiple participants or observers so long as the candidate is comfortable. I usually start with some "mind candy", describing the circumstances of the branding to the slave-to-be, outlining the steps, and emphasizing heavily that this is done as a result of the abandonment of their will to Me, their Master. I find this really enhances the scene, as the loss of control for the slave is usually coupled with a sexual act such as masturbation. Interestingly enough, as a frustration to the slave and and as an act of control, the right to sex of any kind is controlled by the Master. I have had married slaves that reported to me for permission to couple with their spouses. During the branding rite, permission is given to undertake sexual acts. I have had several slaves report spontaneous orgasm concurrent to the application of the branding iron to the pubic mound. Typically I describe the scene of the branding building the ritualistic aspects..."now prepare to feel the caress of the red hot iron against you, feel the intensity of the pain and pleasure as the smoke of your skin curls up around your hand, the mark of the Hexagon burned into your sexual being forever". The word play is of course an integral part of the scene, delivered online during the ritual. During many of the brandings, the slave will phone me and carry out the branding, describing each step of the ritual as it is performed. I find it interesting how many times I have heard similiar comments with regard to the pleasure and subsequent pride in the brand from the slaves. Overall, the experience is very positive and results in the slave preening in front of the mirror, admiring their handiwork. I would emphasize that this whole process is done only after thorough discussion of the pros and cons of the ritual with the candidate. I endeavor to make clear the permanence of the act and that once undertaken the results will be there for all there sexual partners to admire. Of course if the pubic hair is allowed to re-grow, once sufficient length is achieved in the surrounding area, the brand is essentially covered and hidden from view, one of the reasons I choose this location.

The ritual is dependent upon the premises in which it is carried out in, most being done in the homes of the slaves during the absence of their spouse or others. Several weeks may transpire prior to the ritual as I explore the candidate's background and expectations of the Master/Servant relationship. Many opt out of the program as a result of the brand requirement simply because they are not prepared for that type of commitment or act. The removal of the pubic hair sends many neophytes into powerful sexual mind sets, particularly older candidates who have always had pubic hair. That patch of hair around the genitals is perceived by many as "clothing" and they have never considered its removal. The act of removal is played upon, and I often emphasize the feminine aspects to male candidates as they denude their legs, breasts and underarm areas. There is usually tremendous buy-in from the slave at this point and I usually allow the skin to become de-sensitized for a week or two prior to branding, allowing the savoring of the nakedness afforded by the removal of the body hair. By this time, the individual is equipped with a large mirror in which they may watch their branding as they carry it out. I suggest video-taping of the rite for their repeated gratification. The branding requires a pair of pliers to hold the iron with, an ice cube to remove the heat from the burn as quickly as possible, and a plate to set the iron on after the brand is finished, as many individuals are so overtaken with the rite they set it down on a combustible surface without thinking. I'll have the slave dress in clothes which they are comfortable, and begin by heating the iron until cherry red. I prefer the use of an electric stove for this as an open flame tends to carbon the iron I find. It is critical the iron be as hot as possible. A hot iron means a short branding time to achieve a proper burn. Once the iron is ready, I'll have the slave carry it to the room where the branding is to occur. I'll have them seated in a comfortable chair. Considerable time is given to building up the "scene", allowing the natural pain killers in the body to build in anticipation of the burning of the mark. Once seated comfortably, the slave is ordered to "take the mark of the stable" and slowly lowers the iron onto the pubic mound, holding it until the brand is well etched in my opinion and permission granted to lift it from the mound. The resulting effect is a pale, moon like patch in the shape of the iron with a lovely faint red ring when healed. Pubic hair will not grow out of the brand itself.

The entire ritual takes about 30 minutes and from that point on, the relationship evolves as mapped out in prior discussions with the slave. One slave who stands out in the history of the stable, requested permission to have his back teeth removed so that he could take a bit properly, a body mod that while not obvious, was indeed meaningful for him and Me.

As always, I would advise that any ritual such as this be undertaken with great caution and an understanding of the issues at hand before ever attempting a branding. Having carried out the process upon myself as a test case, I believe it within the behavioral bounds of most sexually stimulated individuals.

Master Ben


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Scarification

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:19 p.m.
I am new to this and have just found my Master and am shortly moving to be with him I have discovered things I didn't know like how I am addicted to him giving me pain he wants to brand my pubis and though frightened I have agreed as I promised him I am hos to use as he wants
Thursday, November 19, 2015 @11:04 p.m.
My partner and I have branded one another a couple of times each. We usually use an herb iron. I found the experience(s) to be incredibly erotic, and he definitely enjoyed them as well.. but we make it a special occasion because we don't want to have scars all over ourselves and want the experience to retain its magic. These have been wonderful bonding experiences for us both, and for me, the intensity of the sensation made me feel very out of body.

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