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The coolest thing is, I can pick at it all I want.

It was a long bad week. I had turned 19 on Sunday the 18th and nothing had been going quite right. Friday the 23rd I had friends coming in from Detroit at 4:27pm, I hadnt slept all day and had an appointment to get a cutting and a branding sometime after I picked them up. I couldn't find my friends at the station and ended up going home and back to the station several times that night. On the 3rd or 4th trip home I had a message one my machine. Two in fact, one from my friends and the other from Pere. Shit. I had completely blown off my appointment. Pere had blocked off most of his night to make time for me. We rescheduled for Saturday at 3:00pm.

I woke up at 1pm Saturday afternoon, I was anxious and couldn't sleep most of the night anyways. I woke up my friends and got everyone showered, dressed and out the door by 2pm. The "L" ride took longer than I think it has ever taken. I live on the south side, going to the north side. My friends didn't help much either. I had to show them where everything was and try to explain to them how to get to Body Basics when they were done shopping. I looked at my watch and it was 3:05pm. I was about 10 minutes away and still needed to stop at the bank. All I could think about was, "how long will it take before Pere decides to inflict pain on me that I WONT want." Finally almost out of breathe and half an hour late I get to Body Basics.

I walked into the door and saw Pere, he was having a girl fill out a form for a nipple peircing, "speaking of my 3pm appointment." I blushed per usual and begged for forgiveness. smile I set all my junk down on one of the couches and Pere told me I would have to wait and let him do this piercing since I was so late.(hey come on it was a half an hour) It was fine with me since I needed a little bit of a rest. I was out of breathe and cold. I sat in the waiting room for about 45mins. I sat there making myself nervous and building myself up for all this pain that would never come. I talked with the cute tattoo artist that works right off the waiting room. I dont know his name, I dont think anyone ever told me it. I was a little unsure of placement still and the clock was ticking. The cutting was suppossed to go on my left shoulder above my tattoo.

The more I thought about it there the more I wondered if I would ever want to put a tattoo there. I still hadnt completly decided on where abouts the brand was going to go. Pere came downstairs and told me he had to take everything out of the autoclave and set the rest of his equipment up. I had about another 5 minutes to think about it.

I finally went upstairs and played stencils. Pere shaved my calf and my upper shoulder, put on the stencils and I went and stared at the full length mirror. I couldnt decided till the"cute tattoo artist" reminded me about the tattoo aspect. I opted for my leg. Since I had changed my mind about where I wanted my cutting we had to rearrange things. A video camera had been set up to capture all the fun. I got to sit in the ob/gyn chair instead of the regular chair. I was given a huge comfy pillow and just laid back. The scene reminded me of some sort of porn. (they were trying to figure out the best way to "position me") Finally it was time to get started.

I was so nervous. I hadn't intentionaly cut myself since I was 13-14. Back then it used to be a way to relieve stress, or when i was angry or sad or well just anything I didnt like. It was my way of escaping from my "problems". Pere had explained the entire procedure to me the thursday before during our "consultation".He cleaned off the area, put a paper towel around my sock so I didnt have to go home with a bloody sock. He told me he would do the small lines first and then the rest of it.

My body tensed, he cut and it was like releasing the pressure from a balloon. Not by popping it but just by letting your hand open slowly over the intake. There was an intense feeling of pleasure that shot through my body I was watching Pere as he worked. The expressions on his face are always amusing. "Do you even have blood in you?" I guess I wasnt bleeding enough for him. It took a few minutes before I even started to bleed at all. I watched as Pere pulled the skin apart. I am not sure because I did not watch the entire time, but I believe Pere made the initial cut and then went back to open it up more. After he had done the entire thing once he took some gauze and blotted it onto my cutting. I now had a souvenier. He had the "cute tattoo guy" (damn i wish I knew his name) put it into a plastic ziploc bag. How is that for service? Framed and everything.

Pere gave me all options on what to do to finish my new cutting off. Would it be the ritualistic ash? A nice alcohol rub? Or maybe what was behind door number three? I chose door number three.

I joked about wanting neon green tattoo ink rubbed into it. Pere didnt like that idea. grin I didnt want to put in black ink so i chose a dark purple. We rubbed it into my cutting and let it "soak". Pere rubbed some alcohol into my leg. I wasnt sure if it was alcohol or water at first because it wasnt strong enough. He rubbed more on. RIGHT THEN AND THERE I KNEW IT WAS ALCOHOL. Now dont get the idea that I'm some kind of weenie, cuz we all know alcohol on an open cut hurts, it hurts like hell. smile The scariest part was being set on fire. Most people dont want to be set on fire. I know I didnt. I covered my eyes, then realized this was something I didnt want to miss. Pere thinned out the alcohol and proceeded to light a cotton swab on fire with this gold zippo. The swab came close to my skin and I was ablaze. Fire was blown out and repeated. It either happened 2 or 3 times, I dont remember. I tend to get all giggly and happy. I easily blush, this is a known thing about me, my face has never felt as red as when I was done being torched. It was not painful, like you would expect, It was just very warm. I think ity hurts more when you put your hands under hot tap water. I was so warm after wards I went outside to take a break. I was getting branded afterwards. I did go through with it but thats another story altogether.

Its day two and there isnt any pain, just a little tender. (who woulda thought!#!%!@) I rollerbladed home after I got it done, I went out skateboarding the next day, and most of the time I dont know its there. Unlike my other mods, piercings=swelling some discomfort, tattoos=itching etc, I havent had anything annoying come from this scar. The coolest thing is, I can pick at it all I want.

The symbol is an ancient germanic rune. Two of them put together. One means fate and the other death. When I was in highschool runes were a past time for me. I loved to read and write in ancient germanic. I taught a few others and it was a great hobbie.

I have to take a second and say thank you to Pere. I have not known him a long time, yet I trust him. I would not let anyone else cut, burn, or expirement on me. I made a joke about going to Steve Hayworth for some implants since I am moving to Phoenix but I think I wouldnt be able to be as comfortable as I am with Pere. (hrm should I write something this nice considering he already thinks I have a crush on him?) He has done my "venom" style tongue piercing, my nostril, my cutting and my branding. That story is soon to come. I think the faith you put in someone to put your body into their hands is very important. Be careful, be safe and most of all, have as much fun as you can. smile

Pere's Site www.rituals.net

Body Basic's Site www.bodybasics.com

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submitted by: Rachel
on: 01 May 1999
in Scarification

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Artist: Pere
Studio: Body Basics
Location: Detroit, MI

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