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My first branding @ LPC

rst branding @ LPC

My first branding Jonathan Tullett

A few years ago I decided to get into the body art scene, much to the horror of my friends and family, and got my nipple pierced. I did this without having done much research into the subject and I since discovered that it was not a competent piercing and so removed it and allowed it to heal up completely.

A few more piercings came and went (nose, ears, tongue navel, nipple, and my favourite of all the 4mm Prince Albert,) and I did some research in to other forms of body art. One Saturday it chose a tattoo design that I liked and had it inked onto my shoulder. It healed very quickly but I learned from that experience that tattooing was not something which I was going have done again, it wasn't good enough for me.

While going through some magazines and surfing the web I landed on a subject which intrigued me immensely : Branding

Immediately I was hooked on the idea and found as many pictures as I could and read as many personal experiences as I could lay my hands on just to let me know what I was letting my self into. I decided that I could handle the pain side of things and I would probably enjoy the experience as well. The next task was to find a design that I wanted to stay with me for life, unlike a tattoo I was told that the branding design could not be too intricate because the brand line expands from between three hundred and five hundred percent. I found a design that I liked from a picture I had downloaded and I modified it so that it would be unique to me, the positioning of the brand was easily done, I wanted it to be on my left arm.

I found someone who goes by the name of Patrick who said he would do the branding for me at his shop, the famous London Piercing Clinic. I spoke to him at length about the healing process and any problems that might be incurred during the procedure and booked an appointment for the following Sunday.

In the few days leading up to the appointment all I could think and talk about was branding, I got as many opinions as I could from my friends and sister. The reaction was rather mixed, some were amazed that I would actually pay someone to do that mutilation to my body, some were very supportive and also very keen to see the finished results.

The afternoon of reckoning came and I walked into the South Norwood branch of London Piercing Clinics to be greeted by the smiling face of Patrick and his unique sense of humour which put me at ease very quickly. He went through the methods he would be using to administer the branding, I thought that it would be done using the 'strike' method but he uses a high temperature wire loop to trace the design so it was more accurate.

I laid on the bench and the design was traced onto the top of my arm and then the work began. The pain was nothing like I had ever experienced before, the initial heat was intense but as he went into the skin it grew more bearable and after about five minutes I was able to concentrate on the things that were going on around me. Patrick was sweating with the concentration as he slowly went over each line burning it to just the right depth before moving onto the next section of the brand.

The smell was the most unusual thing about the experience, it wasn't quite how I expected it to be, it reminded me of burned roast pork mixed with hair. Not disgusting, just unusual but at the same time not something that I would want to smell again.

The whole brand took about forty-five minutes to complete and too my surprise there was no blood what-so-ever, it cauterised itself on every section.

I am writing this article four days after the branding and already the edges have started to scar nicely, hopefully that will continue for the whole brand, and who knows, if I like the finished results I may well go and have another one done.

I will say that the branding was a very personal experience for me and the things that I got out of it I doubt anyone else will, only have one done if you are certain that you want the resulting artwork for life!

The entire procedure was video'ed and will no doubt be in the hands of Shannon, for distribution, before long.

If you have any questions about the work I had done Email me at : jktullett@scyphozoa.demon.co.uk


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 1998
in Scarification

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