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I stood before the mirror contemplating my reflection. I pitied the women that my eyes beheld. I knew who she was, she was a giving spirit, she was a goddess, she was a warrior. Yet, darkness had been cast upon her image, imposed upon her by another, one who could not perceive the consequences of mundane actions, violating her purity, blurring with shadows the beauty and power of her essence. And I rejected that image that I perceived in that glass and I left my home in an attempt to escape from myself, yearning for rebirth. I knew where I would go. I had embarked on similar journeys throughout my adult life. I would never see that women I had seen that morning in the steamed mirror of my vapor filled bathroom. She had died; she would be reborn; stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Music filled my ears as I walked through the door and I saw the stranger that would serve as the midwife as I re-entered this world with all the purity, potential and peace of a new born child. I did not know if he understood how what he was about to do to my body would impact my spirit. It didn't matter. He would be the last person to see that woman whose image wavered in the glass. He would be the only witness to my rebirth. Calmly he penetrated my body with an indescribable combination of force and ease. Soon, I walked away from that stranger, with an ornament on my body, a symbol of power and resiliency; bearing the scars of rebirth and feeling alive.

The door I walked through that day was the door to Modern American. The stranger is Keith Alexander, owner of the shop and a man who I am now fortunate enough to call my friend. The event described above was the first piercing Keith performed on my body; the piercing of my left nipple. Although I am sure that many will critique that passage as wreaking with melodramatics, my purpose was to explain why I chose to be pierced and what it did for my soul. Simply stated, the piercings I had received prior to that day at Modern American, the piercing Keith did that day, and the ones I have received since are symbols of rebirth. They serve as reminders that regardless of what experiences I endure upon this earth, even those that impose upon my being a spiritual death, I will rise up out of the ashes; I will be reborn.

Sometimes the scars we bear are painful reminders of spiritual deaths, sometimes caused by our mistakes, other times they are carved by external forces upon our unwilling beings and burden our souls . I can not tolerate those scars. The scars I will bear are those that symbolize life; the life that god gave me in my mothers womb and the life continually attained by the ongoing and invaluable process of spiritual rebirth throughout my time on earth...

expressed by Sandra Acevedo


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Scarification

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