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A Cutting

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    I have been interested in different aspects of body modifications

for quite sometime now. Up until this point I have only been fortunate enough to have had body piercings. I have had a 4ga. Prince Albert, 12ga. Tongue post (done twice), both nipples are pierced with 12 ga. rings, I have an apadravya 12 ga. and countless of play piercings just about everywhere you can think of. I wanted to try something new. I first thought of branding and still want to but for what I wanted it wouldn't have been detailed enough. So I decided to do a cutting.

I spoke to the man who does my, and my slave's body piercings, Joe

from Luna Sea in Providence-He truly is one of the best if not the best I know, about doing the cutting. We decided the ash rubbing would be best. So my pet and I designed the design. I wanted a gothic looking "G" for my last name, and it was to be approx. 3"x5".

      Well finally the day came when I was to do it, I say finally

because many things happened which forced me to keep putting it off, but then finally there I was, laying on the table as Joe put the stencil on my back. My heart was racing and I was getting very nervous, this was going to take a while as compared to my piercings which are over in a flash. I didn't bring any music as others who I have read about and afterward am kinda glad.

            "Let me know when you are ready to start"

     one breath.      two breaths.      exhale.      "OK start"

That first cut was long and didn't hurt at all, the scalpel cut right through the skin with no resistance, it was located more towards the center of my back and the skin is much tighter there. The second long cut was much like the first, except for this time I felt the blood running down my side and the endorphins had started flowing like water in my system.

I don't remember distinctly much between the first and last cuts so I will try to elaborate on the entire cutting as a whole here. After the first few cuts my body didn't know how to react to what it was going through. I would go for maybe 5 min. before I needed a break at first. This time period began to greatly deminish as I began reaching my pain threshold and as the skin became highly irritated. The pain, however wasn't like anything I remember feeling before, it hurt but anything remotely like I had psyched my self up for. As I let out little yelps of pain I began to laugh and giggle at the same time, my body didn't know how to react so it went through just about every reaction it knew i think. Somewhere in the middle I took a fairly long break and laid there as I tried to calm down as I had become very tense and the rush was almost getting to be too much. My girlfriend cooled my head with a moist paper towel and gave me water, I could see she was beaming. By this point she was completely convinced she wanted one as well. I suppose at that point we were 2/3rds done. The time between that break and the last cuts was the longest time to me.
My back was highly irritated and aching, I was ready to be done.
Things were coming in waves at this time...I mean it would hurt for a while then I could feel this wave creep up and I would get light headed again and it would be fine. Finally I heard those words I was dying to hear.

"OK, last cuts" and then it was over......." I just need to do some touch ups" now a touch up, how bad can that be? HA! Those friggin hurt! and bad! Thank god there were only a few he needed to do because I couldn't take those for long, but I'm glad he did. All my points are nice and sharp and all the cuts are the same depth creating a much nicer design.

    "Now the ash is going to sting" Joe told me, and he was right, but

it really didn't "sting" per say more of a warm burn. It felt like icy hot being rubbed onto my back... He would rub the ash in the wait, and it would heat up slowly till the point where it was mildly uncomfortable then fade again. He used a lot of ash so I got to feel this a couple times.

    Then it was time for me to attempt to stand and look at it....both

Joe's and my girlfriends eyes were beaming, I could definitely see they were both very happy with the outcome. Standing was a fun experience. The only time I have encountered even a comparable rush is when I got my apadravya piercing. I was still all giggly and lightheaded but I saw it and my heart skipped a beat I think. All I could say was WoW. I actually had gone through with it and it looked great.

    As Joe put a bandage on for the first night every little touch made

me jump as my skin had become soo sensitive during the entire process that even the slightest touch sent a chill down my spine.

    We stayed around with Joe for a bit and talked to him, all I wanted

to do was hug him after, I felt so happy, I was truly beaming.
Thanking him time and time again he gave me a hug on the way out and that made my night. I am so glad I had someone do it who I know and respect and trust. I cannot put to words the emotions that I felt that night or the next few days but over all it was a much more moving experience than anything I had done prior.

It's been almost a week now since the cutting, The after care isn't bad just washing with antibacterial soap every day and I kinda have to baby it a little because I do not want to pull the ash out by ripping the scabs off yet. The only problems that I have encountered is I avoid leaning back in things now for fear of reopening it and losing ash and sleeping on my back. I am enjoying this much more than piercings so far, I wont ever stop wanting to feel the needle but this is also something I could become very addicted too.

Well it has been almost a week and a half now and the scabs have all fallen off, regretfully so did most the ash I think. I am pondering having it recut, maybe doing it a little differnt im not sure, if i do the ash again i run the risk of them falling out, I have pondered having it inked, not sure what problems arise from that, and I have actually thought about having the scapel heated almost or just red hot to carterize it as it cuts..but i dont think that I could do the entire cutting again like that all at once and honestly dont know if it can be done. If anyone has a suggestion let me know.

If anyone has any questions about my cutting I can be contacted at neflheim@hyperchat.com.

Thank you for your attention Neflheim


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Scarification

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