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My take on "Modern Primitive"

"Modern Primitive" The Art of Body Modification

Is my personal favorite art, but it is quite often misunderstood, judged, and shunned. The only boundaries that exist are the ones your body has. You can take it as far as your body will let you, letting it become a part of who you are as a person. Identifying who you are, individualizing your look, leading to the ultimate happiness: Loving Yourself, Being YOU. It's a test on your strength, persistence, and dedication. You are the artist, you are the canvas, you are the ART. This is an art that tests your own personal limits and boundaries, leading to being in tune with your whole self. This art is different for everyone and everyone takes there own personal thing from it. It is one of the deepest, oldest art forms that involves so many aspects: Mind, Spirit, Body. You can take anything from it, it's YOUR modification, nobody can dictate to you what you can and cannot do to YOUR body. Modification will last till the end of human time, and people will always discover something new to experience. It's a huge spectrum full of different cultural influences, history, human bonding, and extremes. There's something about it that draws all of us to it, pure curiosity, testing yourself, excitement, the thrill, the extremeness of it all. It can lead to the ultimate trust in people. Putting your pain, your body into the hands of someone else is a human bond that can not be broken. Depending on someone to help you reach your goal. Revitalize yourself, take time to take in: Human Art. In the end no matter what your opinion is, we should all respect what makes people happy and who they are.

I wrote this from personal experience, observation, and countless encounters with people who love this art. Everyone has something that identifies themselves, something they're proud of, something that they have an absolute passion and love for. For me it is Body Modification, because there is nothing like making you, YOU. And then taking something deeply personal from it, whether it's a 6-point chest suspension, or lip piercing, it's our experience. I love the fact no matter who you are, what race, gender, or culture we all share it in one way, shape or form and its as old as human time. Whether you realize it or not we all do something to our bodies to make ourselves happier. What is extreme to you may be complete happiness to another. I wrote this to kind of explain why I love it so much. I love knowing my body, how it handles pain, change, and how it leads to a different mental perspective. Indian Larry once said, "If your not doing what you love, when you want to, to the fullest happiness, you're not living." Take what you want from it. Body Modification may startle some, and many may not ever understand it but leave it as this: no one is higher than another to discriminate.

"Is Body Modification addicting? Fuck no, it's rewarding and anything rewarding you're going to do again."

-The Lizard Man

---On a lighter note, I just wanted to write away about something that I feel is a part of me. Personally I have a plan with my mods, and so far I feel so happy on how I look and how it has effected me. I've always thought about why we do things to our bodies, and what kind of mental growth or satisfaction we get from it. For example when someone asks us, "why did you do that" how do you reply?, "because I could", "I just wanted to", or if your in a bad mood "shut the fuck up and leave me alone." I mean no one has to explain why the do something, or why they like it, but have you ever really thought about it? And if not isn't that kind of neat how we were just "drawn" to it? I think in today's world we can still hold BodMods as a "modern primitive" is so neat. We all test ourselves one way or another, whether we think about deeply or just go with it, or both. I'm not sure why originally I was drawn to it, I think for example I liked the rewarding pain after doing something, the human experiment when it comes to pain, and pushing your body, and in a sense better understanding yourself. But hey whether it's just for fun, spur of the moment, a spiritual ritual, or out of pure experimentation, do what you want for you!!! Well on that note I think I am going to do a play piercing session with myself and see how much farther I can go than the last time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Culture

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