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Piercer going cross country on moped to find home

I am 24, and have been piercing for about 7 years. I have recently been doing more of the extreme types of body modification, learning everything I can as I go.

I live in an area that has very little acceptance of modified people, and the market for piercers and tattoo artist here is one of the worst Ive seen. A local shop is doing a "but a $40 tattoo, get a free piercing" deal right now. When I first came here, $10-$20 was the average going rate of a piercing. Now let me say this: I am not now nor have I ever been in this for the money or the glamour. Not my thing, and if thats your reasoning youre ruining it for the rest of us. Please stop.

Anyway, due to some events in my personal life, I have decided that when it becomes warmer (in about a monthor so, aorund july) and I can leave the state im currently in, I going to go out searching for home. Not a home, but a place that I can feel comfortable, and have a decent life. That is home to me. Im hoping to find the kind of people that ive come to respect and love in my travels.

But heres the kicker: I wont have much if any money. I am doing this and will survive, by the kindness of strangers that I meet along the way. This should be interesting to say the least, I am 6ft, 230 lbs and have large gauge nostril, septum and ears; plus Im tattooed. I wear my mods with pride, and out in the open for all to see! While Im not the most modified person in the world, most people are at least fairly intimidated by my apperance. Im hoping that I people will hear about me and mayabe think about something that they have in thier closet or garage that they dont use anymore that might be helpful to a guy thats probably going to be spending most nights sleeping in the woods or parks. Im not asking for money mind you, just donations of stuff that you dont need. Mostly camping stuff. Anyway...

Now, since I dont have a car, or a licence, Im going to do this all on foot. Unless, by some miricle someone feels the urge to donate a moped! I am really looking for one. I am funding this trip by selling everything I have, which isnt much at all. Ive just read an article by craig flipy about his adventures on a moped trying to find bigfoot in california and oregon, so I know that lond trips on mopeds are possible, but odd looking to say the least. Im hopeing to find some nice people on the way to possibly let me shower, maybe get some rest and food. Im hoping that I can get most of my gear donated as well, as the majority of money I will getting from selling my stuff will be going to food (and gas if I get a moped!)

So far, Ive had some good emails, and have been talking to alot of people that want to help if I make it to where they are. This should be sub-titled couch surfing america!

Im looking to gain a few things on this trek. The main being a place I can call home. I know that no place will be 100% perfect, but I have nothing but time and will to find the closest I can. I want to see modified people all across america, I hope to visit some of the best shops this country if nothing more than to stop in and say hi, im the crazy moped guy! I hope that I can collect a few trinkets here and there, especially if there dermal in nature!

Im not realy an eloquent speaker, but Ive tried my best to get across what I feel and why. I know this might sound crazy to alot of people, and even I admit that it is. But at 24, not having much at all to show for a life, I feel that it cant be that bad of an idea, as I could just stay here and be miserable and just get by. Why not just get by and doing something I can be proud of later in life? How many people in this world can say they traversed an entire country on foot or a moped!?!? Im not looking for fame or fortune by this, Im not out for a religious purpose, Im just doing what feels right for my life, which is advice I give everyone that I speak with. Its your life, do something with it! Live your dreams.

For more info, please visit my myspace page at: www.myspace.com/tattooeddavid

Or email me at: dmk_132003@hotmail.com

Thank you, and I hope to see you soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2007
in Culture

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